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Merry Christmas Eve!

So we're hugely busy over here--I got my wrapping done, but my mother got started too late (due to having to do everything else), so she's all in a panic. See, here's the thing: we're not a physically demonstrative family. We don't really hug, unless one of us is leaving to go somewhere. Like, for a relatively long time--I got more hugs going back to college every other weekend or so than I think I'd gotten in my entire life previous to that. (Well, and I hug my grandmother, and before he died, my grandfather, every time I see her both coming and going--it's one of those knowing you might not have many years left kind of things.) We're not verbally demonstrative, either--God knows we never shut up, and we psychoanalyze everything to death, but we never say "I love you." Now, we do go out of our way to try to do things for each other, and I think we know consciously that that's what we do, but above all, we really love each other with merchandise and food. This is why my mother (and, now, my sister) is always baking for people, and why she's always turning up with this or that little thing she bought for me while she was out doing something--and this is why Christmas is SO IMPORTANT to her. I mean, besides the totally awesome decorating aspect, which she also loves. So she spent today trying to get most of the food ready for tomorrow--my aunt brought over her and my grandmother's contributions early, so we'd have all our ducks in a row, so speak (although we're not eating duck, rather ham and turkey and, I believe, a chocolate roulage?). I've mostly been recovering from Saturday--again, not from drinking, of which I didn't do much at all, but of having a day that went from eight in one morning to four-thirty the next. Sister Girl had a similar day--a long shift at work, and then out to see I Am Legend, which freaked her out so bad she came home super-hyper--but she's far more accustomed to keeping outrageous hours (due to the insane shifts she's worked at Panera for about two years now, often taking classes at the same time) than I am. I'm weaksauce, is what I'm saying. But I can write 4000 words in one sitting, so--uh--there. Or something.

I tried to spend as much of the month just thinking about Christmas as I could, so I'd feel like I'd made the most of it, but somehow, it always seems to have gone by too fast. I probably won't be satisfied until I spend an entire month ODing on Christmas music and movies, although if I did that, I'd probably be sick of it after three days. (Although I do feel that it would be fantastic to work up a list of tangentially related Christmas movies--Batman Returns! The Lion in Winter! Little Women! The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe! Anything Harry Potter!--as opposed to movies that are Meaningful and Deep about the Deep Meaningfulness of Christmas.) Still, I'm currently working on a giant Cadbury Dairy Milk with whole hazelnuts ("More to share!" AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA) that'll probably take me three days to eat, and birthday presents have been trickling in for two whole weeks. Life is good.

Also, somewhat hilariously, I keep going around humming bits from Sweeney Todd, which is almost as fantastic a juxtaposition as that time they released Hannibal on Valentine's Day weekend. A very Sweeney ChristmasCollapse )

Ooh, dinner's ready. And it smells Italian.

(P.S. Thank you, discord26!)

ETA: A Very Lolcat Christmas.

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