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Still sickish. Face hurts. Dull ache in left side of head, over left eye. Does this mean I'm having a stroke? Would be very bad. Keeping food down better. Have spiked cereal routine with Corn Pops. Suppose I could live off my rock.

Have not turned in workshop story yet. Am very bad person.

Wanted to go see Matrix Revolutions... sort of... until Sister Girl brought back her report.

Sister Girl: "Last night! I saw! The Orlando Bloom trailer!" [She means Troy.]

Cleo: "How was it?"

Sister Girl: "It was gooood."

Cleo: "What movie'd you see again?"

Sister Girl: "Matrix."

Cleo: "How was that?"

Sister Girl: "It sucked."

[I ask her about a few spoilers and the answers displease me so much that I vow never to speak to the Wachowskis again.]

Sister Girl: "And there was this fight scene that was like never going to end, and it was like, just die already."

Cleo: "What about the Architect, was he in it--did you see Reloaded?"

Sister Girl: "Nah, I haven't seen the first two movies. Well, I saw bits and pieces of the first one."

Cleo [slightly boggled]: "Did you have any trouble figuring out what was going on or anything?"

Sister Girl: "Shpfff. I understood what was going on just fine. It sucked."

FTers seem generally pissed as well with it. Vladimir didn't like it either, and I'm sad because it doesn't even seem to have anything like the stuff I loved in Reloaded--DVD chapters 20-25. And hardly any techno in the score! That's just wrong. It's even more frustrating because, if you watch the Reloaded DVD extras, everyone on the BTS featurettes is just patting themselves on the back and talking about how these movies are the alpha and the omega of the modern filmmaking experience, etc., etc., wank wank wank. And then the movies come out, and we're all like, "What the ever-living shit was that?" After we were done getting "Link" and "Lock" confused, Vladimir actually challenged me to recap the plot of Reloaded (this is over IM, of course):

Vladimir: what's the PLOT of Reloaded?

Cleo: hmm. Okay.

Vladimir: in a sentence

Cleo: Having a hard time thinking, because it's been a while since I saw it, and I mostly remember the action scenes
Cleo: hmm
Cleo: The Scooby gang is trying to save Zion from the machines. To do so, they have to get to the Oracle, who sends them to the Keymaker, who can get them to the Source
Cleo: They don't know what will happen when they get to the Source, but it's the only thing they know to do
Cleo: they get to the Source and find the Architect, blah blah blah, they kind of lost me there
Cleo: like, I didn't really understand what the fuck Neo's two choices were
Cleo: they seemed to contradict each other, or really not have any effect

Vladimir: see?
Vladimir: and they took two hours to get to a PLOT POINT
Vladimir: that ended up putting them where they were at the beginning

Well, you know, what're you gonna do. There is a very petty, fangirlish part of me that is rubbing its hands in glee while watching all these blockbusters collapse (Nobody likes Revolutions! The Alamo's been moved to spring! Time called Russell Crowe a jerk in the opening paragraph!) while Return of the King looms on the horizon. (Can I just digress for a minute here to mourn that Russell Crowe's become Stay-Puft Hissyfit Man? This is actor for whom we invented the term "salty goodness" back as undergrads circa LA-Confidential-Gladiator-The Insider, and now he's gotten fame-chubby and asshattish. When heroes go down, man...) At any rate, I think there are a lot of people who would like to see Return of the King--to see anything--for once live up to the hype.
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