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"My" first "real" entry

A'ight. I have selected the only layout that looks right to my eye... the one I use for my blog. ("We fear change.") I must now... actually write an entry. Knowing my verbosity, this shouldn't be hard. All the entries in my Easyjournal tended to have specific topics, but... yeah, I'm fresh out of those.

So: The Dogs of Digest have just come home, freshly bathed and puppy-fragrant. I have made not one iota of progress on Black Ribbon. I have, however, gotten a good bit of blogging done. (Damn, Blogger has spoiled me so badly that I can't even remember rudimentary HTML.) In fact...

This is so stupid, but... I got an unpleasant reader email today--probably the first I've gotten in two years of running the Digest, actually--disagreeing rather strongly with my Eye of the Beholder review, in which I basically suggested a drinking game to ease the sheer badness of watching the movie. Which is fine; my sister and her friends "rather strongly" disagreed with my Velvet Goldmine review as well. Strenuous disagreement = fine by me. What chaffed the hell out of me was (Grammar Bitch alert) the reader's gratuitous use of quotation marks. Now, I understand him quoting things I actually said in the review. But the fact that he quoted "Cleolinda" every time he wrote it, and every pronoun and possessive related to "Cleolinda," just... really pissed me off. I don't know why. But it was like the visual equivalent of one of those Chris Farley SNL sketches--you know, where he lives in a "van" down by the "river," or whatever it was. It came off as so incredibly condescending--"Cleolinda" doesn't grasp in "her" review that a man could be so grasped by the "sublime" that he would be driven to break "the rules" of "right and wrong" for this shrieking Ashley Judd character. I can't tell if he honestly didn't realize that, in using the Contact Us form, he was writing the email to Cleolinda or what, but... gahhhhh.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent a bit about that--you know, it's no big thing, etc. I wrote him back and said thanks for writing, etc., we'd be happy to post a full review if you wanted to write one, etc. And he wrote back and was very nice, and said that he would be more than happy to, and "not just to be contrary," but that he was busy/traveling over the next two weeks, so it might be mid-November before I got it. I don't know--call me crazy, but I'm actually really looking forward to this review. Mostly because I just need movie reviews for the site, but also because opinions are cool. Again, it was the quotation marks that seemed to call my very sex and identity into question that pissed me off a bit. But that's what journals are for. Right?

I said, right?

(Oh God, he's probably reading this right now, isn't he?)
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