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A night of many italics

Finished The Gift of Fear before I went to sleep last night (uh... that'd be Wednesday night now); started A Nervous Splendor, the Vienna book, this morning and... had a hard time getting into it. The first chapter seemed a little precious, what with the verging-on-pretentious repetition about the price of sugar and the Crown Prince's carriage and what have you. Sometimes I just gravitate towards one book instead of another--it took me forever to get past the first chapter of Carter Beats the Devil, and I still don't know why, because it was completely awesome--so I think it's just a mood thing with me. I'm going to give Vienna another chapter and then, if it's still not happening for me, move on to one of the courtesans books. I'm going through all of this with you, by the way, because not immediately finishing a book makes me feel incredibly guilty.

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated in Attack on Rally; Officials: Al Qaeda claims it killed Bhutto; World outraged, fearful over Bhutto assassination; Bhutto attack cuts short an epic life. I don't usually post political items, but... this is bad. So very, very bad.

Barron Hilton to donate bulk of fortune [$1.2 B] to charity foundation. Which is fantastic on so many different levels. (One of them: Why We’re All Going to Hell, Part 54,302.)

China raises 800-year-old sunken ship.

Crack-vs.-powder disparity questioned; Little-known mafia is cocaine 'king.'

Chuck Norris sues, says his tears no cancer cure.

Ur flavr. It hurtz me; invisible champagne.

Michelle Rodriguez begins 6-month jail term.

The eyes have it: Bette Davis stars on stamp.

Countdown! 25 best fansites. You know, one of these days when I have time, I ought to post the fansites I find the most useful, because several of them weren't included.

Envelope, please: Oscar ballots mailed out.

Worst films of ’07: Awful is the new awesome (or at the very least, this article is the new awesome); 2007: The year of big-star movie flops.

How to write a good "bad" song. ("Another of Bern's Dylanesque [Dewey] Cox tunes, 'Royal Jelly,' goes to gibberish as Reilly sings, 'My sense of taste is wasted on the phosphorous and orange peels of San Francisco ax-encrusted frenzy. So let me touch you.' ") While we're here: The 10 best songs of 2007. Supposedly.

The true (?) story of why Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise aren't friends anymore. I mean, we don't have any sources for this, I guess, but it lines up with what the media was reporting circa War of the Worlds about Spielberg getting impatient with Cruise's Scientology recruitment massage tents. If nothing else, it's hilarious ("As Steven Spielberg slowly makes his way over to Tom Cruise, several Spielberg helpers run for cover"; Tom Hanks later shows up to scare Cruise off). P.S. The "lifetime achievement award" mentioned was this; "Mr. Ocean Lover" is probably George Clooney (Ocean's Eleven) and "Mr. Hard to Catch" is probably Leonardo DiCaprio (Catch Me If You Can).

Will Smith: I am ... Scientologist?

Update: Will Smith does not think Hitler was 'good'; Will Smith angry over comment interpretation; Jewish group: Will Smith didn't praise Hitler. Dude, I think I was angry for him. And for the state of reading comprehension in this country, while we're at it.

New 'WALL.E' image + 2 new 'Prince Caspian' stills.

USA Today: "Harry Potter" prevails, wands down; New movie role for Daniel Radcliffe?

Depp’s ‘Sweeney’ singing didn’t worry Burton; Tidbits: Why Johnny Depp will never marry you. While you dry your tears from that last one, let me note that I finally dropped by the official Sweeney Todd site, which was actually pretty interesting--each character page had a 360-degree view of a particular set (and the files are a lot smoother than this kind of feature usually tends to be), and you can watch clips of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter singing in the studio as well, which is fun.

‘Atonement’ takes 5 1/2-minute shot at history.

Yahoo Cloverfield Clip - On The Roof.

The Coen Brothers Directing a Western Next?

'Napoleon Dynamite' Director Will Tackle 'Gentlemen Broncos.'

‘The Incredible Hulk’ Gets Two Brand-Spanking New Photos.

First Look: Angelina Jolie in 'The Changeling.'

'Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day' Poster Demands Fetishism; 'Nim's Island' Poster Accurately Portrays Film's Psychoses.

Pixar's Up Reworks Quixote?

trailer_spot: The Duchess, Bank Job, Coraline, Hancock, WALL•E, Charlie Wilson's War. By the way, WALL•E, thanks for giving your movie the most typographically inconvenient title ever.

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