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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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(no subject)
MegaUpload has refused to pay Erin $100, the reward for 100,000 download points. I'm going to reformat the Golden Compass parody and post it as a regular entry later today. ETA: Done.

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Those total bastards!

I'm glad she's filing a claim against them.

Edited to note: I think this may be the first time ever that I'm the first person to comment. Oooh.

Edited at 2007-12-28 08:55 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
I beg to differ- this is nothing but pure, unadulterated douchebaggery if ou ask me. I think we should submit them to www.cracked.com for their douchebag of the week countdown.

I think the people who manage to get to administrative positions do so because they are complete assholes. No other explanation.

I wish I could say that I'm surprised. I really do.

Well, you'll notice how calm I am. I'm just glad that Erin was smart enough to test them now rather than wait until months of effort from now. It's shitty and it's frustrating, but it's not exactly shocking.

Thanks for the update Cleolinda - please give us more news as it comes ... how disappointing for her ...

Yeah, what a ching-wah TSAO duh liou mahng!

(translation: frog-humping sonofabitch)

Well, I'll never use THAT site again....

I've always preferred sendspace.com, myself.

Gyargh. (I've already gyarghed at projectdownload, but I decided to repeat my sound of displeasure.)

This rage-causing-reneging finally moved me to look at MegaUpload's reward page, and holy crap: that page is as classy as I'm drunk. Which is to say NOT. Small claims court had better love this...

Aren't they based outside the U.S.?

How did they even start justifying it?

They're accusing her of fraud, although we've been careful to make sure we didn't use scripts or upload content that didn't belong to us.

That's just evil. How could they?

I looked on their rules here, and their section on fraud is below:

"Absolutely no fraud

You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate the results. Automated mass downloads are easily detected and strictly forbidden."

So, I don't know, perhaps they're trying to stretch it into a case of "manipulating the results"? I think the listed rules are pretty clearly intended to apply to things like bots or anything similarly automated, which she didn't do.

We looked into that issue way back at the beginning of the project and decided that it couldn't hurt to try, basically.


I bet they're gonna use that "manipulate your results" BS. Poor Erin.