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So clean... so tired

I showered and laundered today, and then lay down for five hours to recover. Ah, Norovirus. Also, I managed to eat a bowl of tomato soup (garnished liberally with crushed saltines) for dinner last night; for lunch today, I had another bowl and a grilled cheese sandwich (!). Felt a little oogy, and spent most of the afternoon digesting it, but succeeded admirably. Sister Girl had a barbecue sandwich. Sister Girl is a maniac.

(Tonight: a baked potato. "You think you can handle it?" "Let's dare to dream.")

Visit scenic Cleoville! No, seriously, visit it, because visiting it (once a day) makes it"improve." Hey, you visit mine, I'll visit yours (link in comments!). ETA: And now to build industry! Wow, this is involved.

Attention: GreatestJournal is going down.

Via notsohip: Co-founder of GiveWell, a new charity-evaluating organization, tries to astroturf MetaFilter. Link goes to the otf_w report I wrote up (today's update: co-founder booted).

biblio_filia and I both want to know, each for our own writing projects: does anyone know of a definitive, or even good, Empress Elisabeth of Austria biography?

From particle_person (both links): Sony BMG drops music DRM. It is the last major label to do so. Unfortunately, they're still doing it wrong. And the EU didn't get the memo, either.

Warner Bros. Chooses Blu-Ray, Annoys Half Of MTV Movies Blog Staff; HD DVD Camp Reacts to WB's Blu-ray Announcement; HD DVD backers reeling as Blu-Ray shines at electronics show.

Facebook distilled.

Golden Globes ceremony at first reported canceled, now just scaled back. You know what? I'm kind of not sorry at all. I mean, I don't want it to go away forever, but... for some reason I haven't been able to catch Oscar fever this year. And, more importantly? You know that NBC must be shitting a brick right now.

Meanwhile, Striking Hollywood Writers Reach Deal With Cruise's United Artists.

'Blood' is critics' pick for best film of 2007; Seven Films Vie for 2007 Makeup Oscar; Visual Effects Society Picks its 2007 Nominees; New Documentary Awards Launched in Response to Oscar's Lousy Process.

Video: The Cloverfield monster totally eats this scientific whatever thing out in the Atlantic Ocean. (Shut up, I'm sick.) All I know is that it's somehow connected to the stuff, in the sense that I've been following the fansite blogs without really paying attention and apparently they're drilling the sea for soda ingredients or whatever and then the monster comes roaring and eats la plataforma and takes out a lifeboat full of terrified scientists by hurling giant debris at them from offscreen, because it's just hardcore like that. (The interesting thing: You can also watch it in Italian and German (with translations!), but they're all different and have different footage, and the Spanish seemed to be the most satisfyingly destructive, IMO. Although the German newscaster is kind of cute.) Also: Part Of Cloverfield Monster Seen In Chuai Videos?; You're Invited To Rob's Surprise Party! Yeah... yeah, I'm not so much going to that.

Lost Stealth Promos Live.

Olga Kurylenko Lands Lead Bond Girl Role; Another New Bond Girl Announced, ‘Bond 22’ Starts Production; Gemma Arterton Confirmed as Bond 22 Girl; First 'Bond 22' Set Pics of Craig and Dench, Speculation on Gemma's Role; Jeffrey Wright Returns for Bond 22; Plot Detail Revealed?

Will Spielberg and Lucas Continue the Indiana Jones Franchise?

Rumor: Hayden Christensen Cast in William Gibson's Neuromancer.

Michel Gondry's Next Film - 'Return of the Ice Kings.'

‘Juno’ Writer Diablo Cody Goes Horror, Channels ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ In ‘Body’; Variety's Peter Bart Asks Diablo Cody When She'll "Be A Normal Woman and Have Children." OH, NICE.

A Pregnant Nicole Kidman Bails on 'The Reader,' Source Says.

‘Fight Club: The Musical’? David Fincher On His Upcoming Projects, Including ‘Torso’ And ‘Rendezvous.’

Will Gilliam Really Make That Quixote Movie? Plus, Gilliam talks 'Good Omens.'

AM Poster Post: 'Air I Breathe Poster' Is So Deep.

Weta To Design Justice League Suits.

Singer Won't Do Next Superman?; Brandon Routh Still the Man of Steel?

Marlon Wayans Recruited for G.I. Joe.

New stills: Cloverfield, Horton Hears a Who, The Kite Runner, Reservation Road, El Orfanato.

And since the order of things is a bit wonky today, I end with the cuteness: First, I shall geev you sweet keeses. Then, we shall eat lettuces. "It's like Atonement, only chunkier."

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