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Today is my grandmother's birthday, yay! Yesterday we all had a birthday lunch for her with roast beast beef and carrots and potatoes and cake and ice cream and a creamy orange and pineapple congealed salad which is actually really yum, thanks for asking. We're Southern, what can I say. Also, we ended up talking about Britney Spears, and my grandmother was surprisingly up-to-date on the crazy ("That Dr. Phil said he was going to help her! She needs to stop messing with that married man"). It was a good day.

Greatest Journal: the final days.

Alleged Response from Cassie Edwards Issued via MySpace; Edwards plagiarized for author's note and from Britannica. Seriously? Seriously?

"I, seriously, was like the Lindsay Lohan of scrapbooking." Something I found wandering around from those links: a Nancy Drew keepsake box. Which I took as a sign that I should read the Nancy Drew book Valkyrie got for my birthday next.

(I feel kind of ashamed saying this, but... I kind of want to scrapbook now. Like, only with things I have around the house, because I'm cheap. I mean, couldn't it be fun? A page for a movie you saw, for a book you liked, for something you went out and did one night? Except that I don't even know what you scrapbook on. I guess I could do digital scrapbooking with image files and a scanner.)

Lupercalia 2008 scents are up at BPAL (did you hear! Beth's having a baby!), and Earth Rat sounds really good (I like citrus).

More linkspam:

‘Atonement’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’ Win at Globes; America Not Particularly Interested In Billy Bush's Announcement Of Golden Globes Winners On NBC; Robbed Of Their Moment, This Year's Golden Globe Victors Agree That It's Just An Honor To Win; Johnny Depp is a class act; 'Juno,' 'No Country,' 'Blood' among Producers Guild nominees--but not Globe winners Atonement or Sweeney Todd ; No film on fast track after fast-paced Globes; Golden Globes: Who got snubbed?; Tina Fey wins network TV’s only Globe; Ain't No Party Like An Ernest Borgnine Golden Globes Party.

Secret Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video Finally Hits Web; Proves He Is Even Crazier Than We Ever Imagined.

Screenwriter Roger Avary Arrested on DUI / Vehicular Manslaughter.

Dateline reporter weirdly judgmental that Amy Adams once worked at Hooters.

Hip-Hop Star Steroid Scandal Implicates Mary 'Juiced' Blige. I swear I thought I was reading a headline from The Onion for a moment. Musicians use steroids?

Former Holloway suspect tosses wine at reporter.

Bjork attacks photographer in New Zealand.

Clay Aiken: Who's this Monty Python person?; Aiken's Tantrum Over Magazine's Personal Questions. Aiken has just joined the cast of Spamalot as Sir Robin, which is why they suddenly care about him again.

'Flight Of The Conchords' manager offers to manage Oasis.

Vampira Departs Our Galaxy, Aged 86.

Caldecott and Newbery Winners.

German experts crack ‘Mona Lisa’ ID. Result: It's exactly who they always thought it was, Lisa del Giacondo.

Texans see UFO, fear 'end of times,' pilot says.

Invisible window installation; Well MTV, this mah tree; Behbeh "Flocke" the polar bearski (it means "Snowflake," I heard?).

Rumor Alert: Spielberg and a Two Part "Deathly Hallows" Film; Report: WB says No Decision Yet Made on "Deathly Hallows," Kloves Back as Screenwriter. ARRRRGH, I really liked what the new writer did on the last movie (*puts on riot helmet*).

First Look: Disney's Princess of New Orleans, Which Makes Perfect Sense.

New 'interesting' Cloverfield pic at; Cloverfield Will Bomb, States NY Post.

Dan Clowes Writing Michel Gondry's Animated Film.

Hanks and Daniels to Join Spielberg's 'Chicago 7'?

Dancy, Ritter in the bag for 'Shopaholic.'

Interview: Alan Rickman--evil becomes him.

Ellen Page in Drew Barrymore's Whip It ? From the novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, by the way.

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