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Sad and scary linkspam

Brad Renfro, 25, found dead at LA home. Sometimes this kind of early, breaking news turns out to be false. I'm kind of thinking this is not one of those times.

One Dead, One Injured, One Arrested After Roger Avary DUI Accident [Tragedies] (his friend, his wife, and himself, respectively); 'Pulp' writer apologizes after fatal crash.

The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don't Want You To See; Defamer's Top Five Creeptastic Moments From The Tom Cruise Scientology Video (You Know The One); Web Video Reignites Tom Cruise Storm.

Writer Paul Tolme, author of Defender Magazine article on ferrets, responds in Newsweek to allegations that Cassie Edwards plagiarized him: "[T]hat is some bad dialogue. It stands out as clunky and awkward even by the standards of romance novels. That’s because Edwards didn’t write it. I did."

Also on SBTB today: Embrace Your Bad Taste. "Come on. You do it, too. 'I love this particular book despite how bad it is. Shit, I love it because of how bad it is.' Say it out loud, you got no taste and you’re proud." (I'll go: The musical stylings of Samantha Fox. Shut up.) I find this particularly interesting because this kind of indignation is what I got hit with in the early days of m15m, from people who hadn't quite grasped that you can be snarky and affectionate at the same time, or even if you're snarking wholeheartedly on something, that doesn't mean you think less of anyone else for liking it (although you might think more of them for saying, "Well, yes, it is bad, but I like it anyway"). The girl who was angry that I did Van Helsing comes to mind, for example...

From aelfsciene: An explanation of Britney Spears' descent into madness that I only wish could be true.
Writers’ strike may take down Grammys next.

Dozens in Texas town report seeing UFO.

Plushy Vulcan struts stuff at Birmingham City Council meeting. Not the Vulcan you're thinking.

Youth Culture To Blame For Mid-Life Crises, Says Middle-Aged Man.

Keep it down! I'm on the phone!; AWWWWW.

No More Big Budgets for Uwe Boll.

9 Foreign Language Films Advance in Oscar Race; Oscar longshots we love; Oscar bloggers' predictions! And still, I cannot bring myself to care. It's a really weird, inexplicable departure for me.

Diablo Cody, She's Just Like Us! [Honest To Blog.]

Atonement Dress Named Best Movie Costume Ever. Okay, I love that dress, but that doesn't even make any sense.

Cloverfield Interviews & Articles; More Free Cloverfield Screenings; 1-18-08 - Photo # 9 - Night Vision; Tagruato - Ganu Coming To America.

Golden Compass Passes $300M Worldwide.

New 'Indiana Jones' Image of Shia, Older Gentleman with Whip; New Indiana Jones Wallpapers and Icons.

Theron Joins Viggo on 'The Road.'

Harvey Dent is the Backbone of Dark Knight.

Daniel Craig on Bond 22; Roger Moore pens memoir, 'My Word Is My Bond.'

Two New Iron Man Photos.

Jaden Smith to Star in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still.'

Sarah Connor Terminates Competitors.

Russell To Voice Wonder Woman?

Dominic West is Destro in 'G.I. Joe'?

Josh Brolin On ‘No Country’ Ending: ‘It Was Supposed To Piss You Off.’

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