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T-minus 23 hours

My mother, as you may or may not have noticed, loves monster, alien and disaster movies. Cloverfield, therefore, is a natural for her, and somehow, she actually proposed that we go tomorrow for the main 7 pm showing. On opening night. After dinner. I don't understand it either, but nor am I going to question it.

"So you want me to go ahead and buy the tickets?"

"I wasn't going to buy them until we got there."


"Do you really think a lot of people really going to go?"

[Full minute of bogglement.]

"Really? "

"Look, fine. We'll go out there tomorrow, and then we'll come right back home because it's sold out."

She had me buy the tickets.

(Cloverfield Selling Out Midnight Shows; Cloverfield Viewing Tips ["Look for someone passed out on a couch at the party"; "Stay for the end credits"]; Exclusive Sneak: ‘Cloverfield’ [MTV likes it]; Review: A clever ''Cloverfield'' [EW likes it]; Cloverfield Manga Translated; MTV Sneak Peek - "Start Running Now!"; TIME Interviews J.J. Abrams; 12 big bad movie monsters.)

Meanwhile, Alabama folks get a little flaky when there's talk of snow: "A Birmingham hardware store digs into storage to prepare the sleds. If you want to believe the North American Mesoscale weather forecasting model, Birmingham could be blanketed with 5 inches or more of snow on late Friday night and Saturday morning from a major winter storm." This would bring the city TO ITS KNEES, let me tell you.

Antidepressant Studies Unpublished.

Steve Jobs: "People Don't Read Anymore." Aww, somebody's jellus that Amazon has the Kindle!

Does Nabokov Have To Come Back from the Grave and Burn His Unfinished Manuscript Himself?

Fashion Blogger Announces That "It" Bags Are (Finally) Dead. Well, the day that I have a Fendi knockoff probably is a sign that it's over.

You remember Chuck, Dooce's awesome dog? Well, he has company now. Company who looooves him.

Cassie Edwards update: Paul Tolme: “I’ve been properly spanked” for implying that all romance novels suck in his ferret article.

The Associated Press has already begun preparing Britney Spears' obituary. Somewhat related: Complaint filed against Dr. Phil.

Matthew McConaughey to be best stoner dad ever. "We are stoked and wowed by this miracle.... God bless evolution." Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Tom Cruise's Scientology video -- and Gawker's legal battle to host it; Cowards ("Anyone else wondering why none of the major entertainment shows -- Entertainment Tonight, Extra! or Access Hollywood -- have touched the revelations of Tom Cruise's deep involvement with the Church of Scientology?"); 'Wide-eyed' Cruise extols Scientology in 2004 video; Tom Cruise in 2004: Scientology is a 'privilege.'

Susan Sarandon Speaks Out on Brad Renfro's Death; Ian McKellen remembers Brad Renfro: "He was a kid having fun."

Five things not to do in the ER.

Colbert earns 'appropriate place' at Smithsonian.

Can polar bears, Arctic oil co-exist?

From hulamoth: First look: 'X-Files' returns to theaters, minus alien mythology and four hi-res stills. Also: No Aliens In X-Files 2? Well, thank God.

A Nervous Hollywood Asks: Where The Hell Is This DGA Deal Everyone Says Is On Its Way?; Directors Reach Accord With Hollywood Studios; AMPTP Invites WGA Back for Discussions.

Warner Bros. to Re-Release Michael Clayton for Oscar season.

Your 2008 Sundance Festival Buzz-Movie Cheat Sheet.

Screenwriters face challenges turning books into films.

Let's Hear It for Fish Biscuits! [Lost]

Sweeney Todd does Paris; Johnny Depp Blushes, Flirts, Smolders.

Writing Order of the Phoenix: A New Interview with Michael Goldenberg.

‘Hannah Montana’ movie tickets hard to get.

‘American Gangster’ is more fiction than fact. NO! REALLY?

'Mamma Mia!' poster.

'Sex and the City' Poster Fills Rhinestone, Pun Quotas.

MTV Exclusive Poster Premiere: ‘Stop-Loss.’

Moviefone Unleashes First 'Star Trek' Photo.

Mortensen, Theron on 'The Road' to Pittsburgh.

Will Ferrell and Danny McBride Starring in 'Land of the Lost' Remake.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's 'Baby Mama' Trailer.

trailer_spot: Baby Mama, Life Before Her Eyes, Jodhaa Akbar, Bonneville, Cloverfield.

John Carpenter's L.A. Gothic Now Casting.

James Marsters Discusses 'Dragonball.' I don't actually care about Dragonball; I'm just sort of standing to the side fascinated by the idea that they could possibly make this into a decent movie.

Update from Sarah Michelle Gellar on American McGee's Alice.

Rumor: Quentin Tarantino Remaking 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'

It's Official: Justice League Movie on Indefinite Hold.

The Best Sampled Lines from Scifi in Music.

Jack Nicholson Admits That His Golden Starlet-Nailing Era May Be Drawing To A Close.

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