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It's Sunday already?

Oh, my beautiful snow. We got an inch, and then by noon it had started melting. The pups had fun all afternoon in it, though. I mean, we didn't let them stay outside the whole time, because it was damn cold, but every time they got to go out they'd be running and skidding and Scout would paw the snow up into big lumps so he could carry them around in his mouth (he loves ice cubes). We've had plenty of freshly-made vegetable soup and chocolate cake this weekend, at least, and it has stayed freezing-ass cold (it's currently 27°F, with a low today of 19), which is something.

Cloverfield questions:

So what was the thing that dropped into the sea at Coney Island, at the end? At the Movie Spoiler: "J.J. Abrams put a lot of Internet websites and clues to be found before the premiere. It can safely be said that the monster was created by the Slusho company in Japan (the one Rob works for). Slusho is a drink that many of the party-goers were drinking at the beginning (some were even wearing T-shirts). From what I understand, the Slusho satellite crashed into the ocean (this was the falling object, not the monster), which created some sort of off-balance in the formula and the monster was an underwater accident." Wait, they had a satellite? Oh... they totally did. Maybe the satellite was tracking the thing that fell, as the page says? Huh.

wendyzski, in my opinion, has solved the question of what exactly happened to Marlena: "[Those things are] some kind of monster-parasite, like lice. Imagine the kind of anticoagulant you would need to feed off THAT! So first she gets dizzy, then bleeds from various orifices, and then kind of explodes in a big wet smoosh."

Someone said they saw the wreckage of Lily's helicopter next to Rob and Beth's near the end--can anyone else confirm this? Because... I really need to believe that Lily made it out somehow. ETA: Sister Girl saw the movie again last night and was able to confirm. Dammit! Pour one out for Lily, y'all.

And I'm curious as to what precisely happened to Hud--someone (at the Movie Spoiler?) said that the monster actually bit him in half (you do see it coming at him teeth-first), and that's why Rob sounded particularly hysterical afterwards. You know, because... uh. Ew.

Also, we were told to watch for someone sacked out on Rob's couch, so I assumed it was going to be some kind of cameo, like maybe Greg Grunberg or something. So when it was some random blonde chick, I was a bit nonplussed. Turns out it was Jamie of Jamie and Teddy, from the viral marketing (see Cloverspam below). In a further twist, apparently she was tripping out on Slusho's "seabed's nectar" the last time she was seen in the in-story videos (more below).

Has no one found Michael Giacchino's Overwrought Monster Opera yet? I think the credits said it was called "Roar: The Cloverfield Theme," if that helps. (ETA: More precisely: "ROAR!: Cloverfield Overture.") I don't even know if it's out anywhere to buy. First poster to find it gets an e-cookie--seabed's nectar optional.

(Speaking of Slusho and the "seabed's nectar"--the bottom of that page mentions "Ravaille Research Center's [in-story] report on Seabed's Nectar mentioned the following effects: accelerated cell growth, increased strength, increased soft muscle tissue growth, sharper eyesight, better digestion, smoother skin, and a full-body, pleasant sensation that one of our researchers actually described as 'a wave of pure happiness.' It has also been implied that it is quite addictive." There's two branches of theory going on--one is that the monster fed on seabed's nectar, which Slusho was harvesting for commercial beverages, and the other is that a Slusho-related satellite fell into the sea, as mentioned, and was involved in the creation or birth of the monster. Now, these branches may very easily meet at some point [it was born and started feeding? JJ Abrams said in production notes that it was "a baby"]. I just find "accelerated cell growth" and "increased strength" interesting in the context of the monster, as well as "a wave of pure happiness" and "quite addictive" in the context of the monster then being denied whatever it is because of commercial harvesting. Abrams even mentioned "separation anxiety," which sounds like the monster was missing a parent, but this may actually refer to the seabed thing. Maybe the destruction of Manhattan happened because Darwin had the DTs, I don't know.)

Oh, and I hate to try to tease these things, knowing how unpredictable my ability to find anything in the Comedy Mines can be, but... if you haven't seen Cloverfield yet and you can in the next few days--it's only an hour and a half--you might want to think about going ahead and doing that. And taking some Dramamine. I'm just saying.

Cloverspam, mild spoilers: Cloverfield Breaks January Box Office Records!, although a steep drop is predicted for next weekend, given the gotta-see-it-now event quality of the opening weekend; 'Cloverfield': Making a monster (Entertainment Weekly); Sunday Discussion: Has Cloverfield Changed Hollywood Forever?; Movie Marketing Madness: Cloverfield (a step-by-step retracing of the entire ad campaign, internet and otherwise, with a breakdown of the Jamie and Teddy subplot); MySpace Update - Rob's Party (or rather, messages between the characters just before it. *sob*); Cloverfield Props For Sale (ETA: see the track listing/cover of the prop mix CDs that "Lily" made for the party); Is Cloverfield Really Over? The Discussion Continues!; Theories on the Whisper at the End of Cloverfield; Cloverfield is Out -- What Now? Oh, and the spoiler link I promised: Watch The Cloverfield Monster Do The Funky Chicken. Warning: It's mostly in silhouette, and despite being a face-to-face look at the monster... actually doesn't give you a very good idea of what it looks like. It looks way more humanoid there (in the shoulders, mostly) than it does from the side. This gives you a better idea, although it's still not perfect.

Linkspam proper:

Suzanne Pleshette dies in Los Angeles.

Has AT&T lost its mind? "Chances are that as you read this article, it is passing over part of AT&T's network. That matters, because last week AT&T announced that it is seriously considering plans to examine all the traffic it carries for potential violations of U.S. intellectual property laws. The prospect of AT&T, already accused of spying on our telephone calls, now scanning every e-mail and download for outlawed content is way too totalitarian for my tastes. But the bizarre twist is that the proposal is such a bad idea that it would be not just a disservice to the public but probably a disaster for AT&T itself. If I were a shareholder, I'd want to know one thing: Has AT&T, after 122 years in business, simply lost its mind?" The article in a nutshell: AT&T, by law, is not responsible for what its customers use its services to do under the theory of "common carriage" (they let all their customers use their services to do whatever without interfering, therefore they could not know what they're using them for). If AT&T starts screening for piracy, they are open to charges of being liable for aaaaaall kinds of things. Say, child porn. The planning of crimes. Hell, if the Drews had been AT&T subscribers under this new policy, AT&T could be held liable for what they did to Megan Meier. Which is ridiculous. Which is why you leave people the hell alone and don't expose your company to that kind of liability.

FBI buries docs showing US officials stole nuke secrets?

Mystery man's annual visit to Poe grave.

Young celebrities prompting early obits.

Mystery of skulls in a Florida forest deepens.

Cosmic Log: Tips for viewing UFOs.

Boy, 16, poses as playboy, can't pay up.

Behind Every Internet Meme Is A Better One You Never Saw.

No-Writers Oscar Plan Step One: The Internet.

Newsweek's annual potential-Oscar-nominees roundtable.

Sundance 2008 Day 1: Cold, Tired, Hungry, But Plenty of Movies!; Filmmakers find relief in Sundance showings; Polanski sex-scandal film shakes up Sundance; Sundance Deal: The Weinsteins Buy 'Roman Polanski'; Sundance Interview: Colin Hanks and Emily Blunt, Stars of 'The Great Buck Howard'; "The Wackness" Reviews from Sundance; George Romero’s ‘Diary Of The Dead’: A Sundance Review; Sundance Diary: Dinner with Alan Rickman!

First of the Half Blood Prince Set Visit Teaser Reports Online; Spall's in the Next Two Harry Potter Films; Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park to Open December, 2009?

Indiana Jones Trailer Will Screen on Valentine's Day?; LaBeouf on Indy 4, Transformers 2 & Y: The Last Man.

Woody Harrelson Has Spoken To John Singleton About ‘The A-Team’ Movie.

Confirmed: Emily Blunt Joins Benicio Del Toro For ‘Wolf Man.’

Michelle Monaghan Talks Wolverine.

Diego Luna Joins Harvey Milk.

Get Ready Palahniuk Fans, Here's the First 'Choke' Clip!

Steampunk design notes on The Golden Compass, including a good shot of Lord Asriel's crazy machine.

United Artists to Remake 'Time Crimes.'

Colin Farrell Opens Up About His Love Of Little People And Profanity. Hey, man... I don't judge.

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  • (no subject)

    I don't know why I woke up at 2 am, but I did, and I checked Twitter on my phone in bed and saw it: David Bowie passed away. So basically I'm posting…

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