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Monday night, jonesing for cake

I forgot to mention the other day--that interest in scrapbooking stayed with me shamefully and then sturmclan, who actually designs digital scrapbooking elements, got hold of me (hee). I'm broke, so I'm only interested in what I can make--digitally--with what I have (Photoshop 6.0, a folder full of random backgrounds, tons of pop culture media images). But we started talking, and she and I are both interested in topics and layouts that move away from the cookie-cutter One Photo and a Lot of Frippery style that you see all over the place. sturmclan in particular is interested in getting people to incorporate journaling into their layouts, so, you know, people will actually have any idea what the page is about ten years from now. Since I already journal so much, I'm interested in tying layouts into existing entries or interests, maybe pulling a few quotes, and putting thumbnails into my Cleoland wiki. Example: I made a wiki page for Cloverfield, listing major entries I wrote on the subject, outside links, and then a thumbnail of the scrapbook page I made for it (shut up!) with a quote pulled from my writeup. So it works side-by-side with the LJ entry (and the wiki entry) itself. But I think it'd also be fun to scrapbook poems or short fiction as well--like the "Bell Donner" story I posted on Halloween.

(Note: My layouts tend to be extremely geometrical, since I don't know how to do fancy things in Photoshop. I mean, I know how to tilt things, but... haven't really thought of anything interesting to do with that yet. I tend to approach it as you would a literal scrapbook: here's a stack of things I want to paste into it, so what's the most appealing way to do so? I'd like to branch out, obviously, but... I'm just saying, be prepared. Geometrical. Kind of how it is at the moment.)

Actually, this wasn't even the first scrapbook page I ever did. The night or so after I first mentioned the Biggest Scrapbooking Scandal of 2007 Omg, I started fooling around with something else.

The wiki entry will provide credit and context for future viewings, obviously.

Geeky collector news:

New blends at BPAL, including Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal (which sounds right up my alley, scent-wise) and I Married a Vampire from Planet X. Awesome.

padawansguide informs me that Tonner Dolls 1) has new Elizabeth Swann dolls up (the gowns are completely underwhelming, but Pirate Elizabeth? Actually pretty good), 2) has new Golden Compass dolls up (winter coat!! PAN! PAAAAAAAN!), 3) is making Narnia dolls (*FLAIL*), 4) has new Harry Potter dolls, including a Cho Chang doll, a Voldemort in MC Hammer pants, and a Snape doll on the way (uh). Also, new GWTW dolls, including another "lost costume."


* 70 points of articulation and incredible life-like detail
* Authentic sound
* 14” tall
* 10 parasites
* Two interchangeable heads
* Statue of Liberty head accessory

Okay, FYI, I don't have $99 to drop on that, and I'm not sure I could sleep in the same house room with it, but... that is kind of awesome. And--come September, when it ships--we'll finally have a full 360 degree view of it!


wendyzski explains more about her parasite anti-coagulant go-boom theory; Cloverfield Graphic Novel + Last Shot Of Movie = Wink, Wink (with blurry screencap of Coney Island); Cloverfield Ending Video: What Fell From The Sky?; Cloverfield's Manhattan Geography; The Hater: Things You Shouldn't Think About During Cloverfield; "Lost" vs "Cloverfield"; Jamie and Teddy #11 - Finale? ("It goes out the best way possible: with Jamie coked up on sea nectar and gratuitous boob shots"); several people sent me this link, but here's the most recent: a bootleg of the Cloverfield End-Credits Monster Opera, brought to you by a guy who couldn't get his friend to shut up ("This is going on the internet!"); the cover of "Lily's" party mix souvenir CD; Reeves Runs Merrily Through Cloverfield ("Anyone else think it looked like the Cave Troll from 'Lord of the Rings'?" THANK YOU!). My favorite part:
Reeves: Did you see the thing in the last shot? In the final shot there's a little something, and I don't wanna say what it is. The final shot before the titles. The stuff at Coney Island, there's a little something there and I don't want to give it away 'cause the fun is sort of to find it, but I will say this: there's a funny thing, you look at the shot and until you see it you don't see it and you really don't see it and obviously you don't 'cause none of you have seen it, but once you see it you'll never stop seeing it.

CS: It's the thing dropping in the water, right?

Reeves: Ahh, you saw it.

Back to Cassie Edwards: A Quick-n-Dirty Primer on Plagiarism, Copyright and Fair Use, and Citations in a Fictional Work; Anonymous Musings: Fans Shouldn’t Criticize Writers? How come?

More linkspam:

'Gen. Butt Naked' says he caused 20,000 deaths. Absolutely true story on CNN. Not kidding.

Fake Bhutto Boy Ruins Facebook for French Reporters.

From MySpace to YourSpace; The New MySpace Will Have An Alibi-Service, or, Don't Post Pictures of Yourself in a Fairy Costume When You Said You Were Home Sick.

"Study: Internet Not Dumbing Down Kids, Who Were Stupid Anyway."

Hundreds of Layoffs Expected at Yahoo.

Joel Johnson puts AT&T on the spot over copyright spying plan.

Dr. Phil not apologizing for Spears fiasco.

U2 on seeing 3-D selves: 'Kind of horrific.'

Once You Go Bot, You Never Go Back.

Man quits eating to understand wife's anorexia.

Pregnancy Problems Tied to Caffeine.

Honestly, all of us are liars. That's totally deep, CNN.

Tiger urine, other reasons to miss work.

Katie Holmes is a Fraud?; Katie Holmes' 'Mad Money' Flops.

Christopher Paolini’s Fall Release Given the Harry Potter Midnight Release Party Treatment.

Lohan, Murphy lead Razzie worst-of noms; Who got 'snubbed' by the Razzies? I don't know who got snubbed, but I think it's totally unfair that Orlando Bloom got one for POTC3, given that that was some of his best acting in the whole series. Come on, lumping him in there with Norbit ? That shit is cold, y'all.

Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Stardust Among GLAAD Award Nominees.

Strike likely to overshadow Oscar nominees; An Awards-Hungry Nation Hopes For The Best On Oscar Nominations Eve. That's right! Tomorrow's Tuesday! (Sorry, I'm all messed up from so many people having the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.)

‘Blood,’ ‘Enchanted’ scores booted from Oscars?

Could the strike be over in two weeks?

Sundance Q&A: Emily Blunt, who is "playing a crime-scene cleaning lady (and Amy Adams' sister!) in 'Sunshine Cleaning.'"

New Prince Caspian Photos Online.

Bond 22 to Film in Bregenz, Austria.

Story Details for Bale & Depp's 'Public Enemies.'

Oliver Stone Casts Josh Brolin in Biopic About George W. Bush. Wow... I. Huh. The badness of this idea leaves me... yeah.

Ken Watanabe joins "Cirque du Freak."

Behind-the Scenes Video and Photos of The X-Files Sequel.

The new Capt. Kirk speaks!

New "21" Poster.

'Diary of the Dead' poster ("Why so many explosions? Zombies don't blow things up").

Ryan Gosling Will Be the New Jack Ryan?

Paul Dano To Reunite With Brian Cox For ‘The Good Heart.’

Lots of Casting Updates on Gus Van Sant's biopic epic "Milk."

William Hurt Talks About 'Iron Man,' 'Hulk' Crossover.

Free Jumper comic preview.

trailer_spot: Star Trek, Defiance, What Happens in Vegas, Bottle Shock, Sleepwalking.

10,000 B.C. Site Launched with New Extended Clip. And once again, we have the point where my taste and my mother's taste in movies diverge.

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