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Tuesday night

Not that it's very interesting now, but I have scribbled down "How I found the photos--seven years to the day" as a reminder to talk about it, so: I had installed the program Need3Space because I have millions, literally millions, of files on my computer, and I was hoping to clear anything temporary off for a little breathing space. N3S doesn't delete files--it lists files that you might want to delete, so I take full responsibility for being a dumbass and apparently deleting an obscurely named file that Microsoft Word requires to function. I pulled it up to work on Cloverfield (which I finished a rough draft of today, while we're here) and it claimed that Word wasn't installed and that it needed the installation CD, which was (it informed me) not currently in any drive. Strangely enough, I could see Word behind this text box, and I could see the list of my most recently opened documents, so I knew it was on there. After some digging, I found the specific file it was missing and asked around to see if anyone could just email it to me, because the plastic chest where my software lives was four feet away and I am that lazy. Well, and also, it was under a tub of stuff, and I was afraid I'd open the chest and the software wouldn't be there, and then it would be time to panic. As long as I didn't know for sure--Schrodinger's software, if you will--I didn't have to panic yet. But finally, I wasn't getting any younger and Cloverfield wasn't writing itself, so I got up and moved the tub.

It's not a tub, exactly--it's a small plastic wastebasket I used in college, and since it was clean, I'd been using it for storage. Huh, I thought. What's in here, anyway? And that's when I found five envelopes of photos from my 2001 senior (college) trip to Cuba. Pictures that had been missing for seven years. And they'd been sitting four feet from my desk, covered by a small stack of greeting cards, all this time.

So I put the Microsoft Office installation CD into the drive, and Word cheerfully finished installing itself--it did all the work for me and took literally three seconds to do so. I am convinced that my being dumb enough to delete whichever file it was directly led to my finding the pictures, because I believe, somewhat idealistically, that things happen for a reason. Or at least some things. I found the pictures, by the way, pretty much seven years to the day that I arrived in Cuba.

(I still can't believe how sad I feel over the Heath Ledger thing. Anyway.)

Gathering linkspam makes me feel better, so--linkspam by section:

Deaths: Heath Ledger: Heath Ledger, Actor, Is Found Dead at 28 (NYT); Remembering Heath Ledger (EW); Cinematical Remembers Heath Ledger; Remembering Heath Ledger (ONTD); Heath Ledger Pictures Memorial; The Joker is Gone; Regarding Heath's work as The Joker in The Dark Knight (short version: Ledger's post work was finished, there will be no need for dubbing); Sleeping Pills Found Near Ledger's Body; Heath Ledger's Friends In Shock, But 'Saw It Coming'; Michelle Williams is "Devastated"; Australian Prime Minister saddened by Heath Ledger's death; Whereabouts Of Gemma Ward, Heath Ledger's Model Girlfriend, Still A Mystery; The Mob Outside 421 Broome; Heath Ledger's Final Project Was Being Helmed By Notorious Bad Luck Magnet Terry Gilliam; and, finally, the "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" scene from 10 Things I Hate About You : the way you may want to remember him.

Oscar nominations: Oscar Nominations Are Announced, Strike or Not; 'It's As If I Had Swallowed Some Fireworks': Oscar Nominees React; Saoirse Ronan's Oscar Nomination Reaction (impress your friends: I hear it's pronounced "Seersha"); Juno Over the Moon; Sarah Polley Gets the News; ‘Lars’ Screenwriter Surprised By Oscar Nom For ‘Perverse’ Film; Oscar music: Too many rules?; Oscars: Who got love, disses; Oscar's Biggest Snubs: A Post-Mortem; Meet Oscar's class of 2008; Red carpet retrospective; For your consideration (Oscar-related trailers at trailer_spot, who notes, "Thanks to Cate Blanchett's nomination, Harvey Weinstein doesn't have to shoot himself").

Local folks: Where to see the Oscar nominees in Birmingham (AL).

Cloverfield: Re: "Roar!": "I'm now hearing from a fairly reliable source (meaning they've been accurate before) that Michael Giacchino's 'Roar! (Cloverfield Overture),' the awe-inspiring bit of music from the end credits of Cloverfield, will be released 'very soon,' as in probably this week. As many have hoped, the primary delivery vehicle is expected to be iTunes, but this is not an absolute. The important thing is, it does look like we'll be able to purchase it shortly." The last link in a previous post: a better rendition of the monster. I think? Maybe? I swear to God, every single time I see a shot of the monster, IT LOOKS DIFFERENT. DAMMIT, SOMEONE PUT OUT AN OFFICIAL STILL. It really does look more like a sea creature in this incarnation, but it doesn't really get the hunched cave troll posture across. Also: non-monster Cloverfield stills; Cloverfield Can Go On Forever, Say Crazed Marketers ("Maybe a sequel could answer some of the questions fans have about the movie, of course"); 'Cloverfield' Monster: Dead or Alive?; Sundance 2008 Day 4: It's Rob!; Cloverfield Star Heard, Not Seen; Whoever's in charge of "Hud's" MySpace page has a sense of humor.

Regular linkspam:

Writers to drop key unionization demand.

Exclusive: Scientology 'Straight'ening Closeted Actors For Years, Says Author; Why Kids On The Internet Are Scientology's Most Powerful Enemy.

Ringo walks off 'Regis and Kelly' over song flap.

Hapless thieves mistake bread for dough, and one shoots the other in the ass. Trufax.

Become An Unknown Castaway In 'Lost' Game.

Sarah Connor Faces Chronic Decline.

Food poisoning can be long-term problem.

How Barnes & Noble Will Kill Your Sophomore Effort.

Your Must List suggestions (Polar Bear Edition).

Retro-gamer cupcakes OM NOM NOM NOM.

Cotton Monsters.

Evolution Explains Why Lolcats Control Your Mind. (Bonus: Lolverfield!)

Is Batman Going to Die? Y'all, I can't handle this right now.

First Wolverine Set Photos Online.

Live from Sundance: 'Choke' Premieres to Shouts and Cheers; Sundance: Fox Searchlight Buys Choke for $5 Million!; Sundance Review: Choke; 'Choke' On This (Clip from 'Choke')!

Does Sundance, Dare We Say It, Not Matter Anymore?

First Look At What 'Watchmen' Will Look Like.

Ben Foster Rumoured For 'Bond 22.'

'Star Trek' Gets All Viral Marketing Style; Find Out Who Kirk Hooks Up With In New "Trek" [Morning Spoilers] (WARNING! Also contains spoilers for Lost and Doctor Who, THANKS FOR WARNING ME).

The X Files 2 Spoiler Set Pics. 1) I advise you not to look at them. 2) FUCK YEAH! I actually feel a little better now.

Kirsten Dunst in Talks to Join Ryan Gosling in 'All Good Things.'

New posters for '10,000 B.C'; The poster for Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Possession'; Uma Thurman's 'The Life Before Her Eyes' Trailer & Poster.

Will fake ‘Machete’ become a real movie?

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