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Friday evening, settling down to work

Not a bad day. Not a productive one, but not a bad one, either.

Heath Ledger: CNN Clears up some of the lies about Heath Ledger's Death. It's also been pointed out that Ambien is not recommended for people with respiratory problems, under which "pneumonia" could easily fall. Also, Ledger’s masseuse massage therapist made 4 calls to Olsen. What's in dispute right now, of course, is whether he had already passed or not, because if he hadn't, and the massage therapist made three calls to Olsen before calling 911 (the fourth one was after), that's kind of bad.

Cellphone video of Ledger's last performance on the Gilliam set (not really all that exciting; mostly a lot of running); Johnny Depp to Replace Heath Ledger? (“There is a point in the film when Heath falls through a magic mirror. He could change into another character after that and that is where Johnny would come in. It’s a weird, fantasy, time-travel movie so Heath’s character could easily change appearance. It would be a poignant moment"). Meanwhile, the official Dark Knight site has been turned into a memorial.

Sales of Ledger films spike following his death. Well, of course. I'm sad I don't have a copy of 10 Things I Hate About You, personally. Just don't print out dinky signs to shill your Death Heath Ledger Movies display.

Ledger’s family pays tribute to ‘old soul’; Ledger To Be Honored by L.A. Memorial; Daniel Day-Lewis is genuinely upset and a total class act; Video Blog: Ellen DeGeneres Pays Tribute to Heath Ledger; Star Jones: somehow, a voice of reason.

Fox News' John Gibson Issues Totally Fake Apology For Being A Twat About Ledger Death; Dan Abrams calls said newsman out; Gay Activists Blast Radio Host Who Mocked Ledger's Death; Gibson Defends His Mockery Of Ledger's Death (includes information on how to complain to Fox News and their advertisers). Also: Warren Ellis is complete asshole about Ledger death; 99% of internet turns on him in 48 hours.

In case you're wondering, this is pretty much the last gigantic Heath Ledger linkspam. If anything significant happens, sure, but: we've had four days of it now.


Lionsgate, Marvel sign deal with striking writers.

Teenager arrested in suicide hijacking plot; Teen Wanted to Hijack Plane & Crash Into Hannah Montana Concert. OKAY, EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL, THE HANNAH MONTANA CRAZE HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH.

French Bank Says Rogue Trader Lost $7 Billion; A Spiral of Losses by a ‘Plain Vanilla’ Trader.

Ebert Recovering From Surgery.

Mysterious, doughy, unknown blob clogs sewer.

UK girls held in NYC orphanage after mother gets ill.

Who Taught These Pedophile Hunters To Imitate Preteen Girls So Well? [Just Asking].

Knut is a psychopath and will never mate, say experts. Nooooo! It's like he's some washed-up child star now or something. *sniff*

Lolsecretz goes out while it's still on top.

Yet Another "Where's Dan Brown's Book?" Story.

The latest plagiarism scandal: A brand-new sex columnist stole questions for her first column--from Dan Savage.

Nobel Laureate Feels Sorry for All the Pretty Young Authors.

Taxonomy of regional pizza styles.

Nicolas Cage Is Many Things, Kathleen Turner, But A Drunk-Driving Chihuahua-Swiper Is Not One Of Them.

Miss America pageant mocks contestants; Miss America Pageant Tries But Fails To Humiliate Contestants.

Restaurant fined $2,000 for serving sangria--because it mixes wine and spirits. Damn, I totally want some of that now.

It Rubs Lotion on Its Minimates, or Else It Gets the Hose Again. And a five-minute laughing spell, too.

Now Stephen Colbert's done a Tom Cruise impression.

Books that made a difference to Kate Winslet.

What are the best opening movie scenes ever?

Sony Says: "You Demand It, We'll Make the DVD."

trailer_spot: Get Smart, Children of Huang Shi, 88 Minutes, Air I Breathe, Meet the Browns.

IGN Cloverfield Video Interviews; Cloverfield Star TJ Miller (Hud) Talks; Ask Your Doctor: Should I Be Worried About 'Cloverfield' Barf Syndrome?

Lost's Greatest Hits: Five Fabulous Favorites; The Suckiest Parts of Lost. I deny that Juliet is a sucky part of Lost ! Also: ABC To Air Enhanced Lost Finale before the new season starts up.

'Prince Caspian' Adds Dreaminess, Smugness (new stills).

'Quantum of Solace' Website Goes Live; More 'Quantum Of Solace' Plot Details Emerge; Craig Commits To Making 'Quantum of Solace' A Success; Video: The 'Quantum of Solace' B-Roll.

Sundance Review: Funny Games; Sundance Diary: Michael Haneke, I'm sending you my shrink bill. Wow, I kind of want to see this now.

Sundance Diary: Alan Rickman talks 'Harry Potter'...well, sorta.

A Better Look At Gwyneth Paltrow In Iron Man Movie [Morning Spoilers].

Mutant Pussy Attacks in Raw, Brilliant Satire "Teeth."

Rossum Blogs From the Dragonball Set.

"Would You Want a Remake of 'The Crow'? ...with Jason Statham?" Does anyone really feel like remaking The Crow right now? After this week? Seriously?

Jason Statham As An Undersea Prince [Dear God No].

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