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SAG Awards 2

Commercials: Two fish sandwiches for five bucks? I'm not sure you could pay me to eat fast-food fish sandwiches, honestly. Blair Underwood may or may not actually be on the premises, but he would like to share some clips with you to illustrate the fact that old-school silver screen actors worked twenty-four hours a day for bread crusts uphill both ways before they had SAG. Just so you know.

Vanessa Williams in orange (...huh) and William Petersen, here to bring us... something. Series? A reference to Mad Men elicts a loud woot (is this a drinky ceremony)? It is indeed drama series ensemble. At her table, Ellen Pompeo is thin. Some kind of creamy shiny neutral, IT GOES BY SO FAST! It goes to The Sopranos. Well! Good thing we got all of that out of the way! You guys can go home now, you won everything.

Emile Hirsch and Mark Twain Hal Holbrook for Into the Wild! See, you don't even have to tell me, I already know. Hirsch looks super nervous. Clearly, he has not had enough time to get his drink on.

Marion Cotillard! The announcer takes great relish in pronouncing her name. You're looking at this dress now and wondering what's so great about it. Go find pictures of the skirt when photos come out, what I saw of it looked fantastic. Anyhoo! Male Supporting Actor! To choose from, we have Casey Affleck, Javier Bardem... oh. Not sure why I was so chipper about listing off nominees when it's kind of pointless. Anyway: Hal Holbrook (whistles and cheers), Tommy Lee Jones and Tom Wilkinson. I really like Wilkinson, but I am so not understanding this whole Michael Clayton juggernaut. Bardem, who is looking surprisingly fine given that the last we saw of him he was wearing a pageboy, steps up to accept. I hear something about "homosexuals and prostitutes" while I'm typing and I have no idea what that was in reference to, except that I think he was saying he or they or someone has come a long way. He thanks the Coens for choosing "the really good takes, instead of the ones where I was..." he pauses for a long time, and I swear he was about to say "really shitty," instead finishing "where I really sucked." On to commercials!

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