Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Well, I succumbed and bought extra icon space, so I'd better use it.

Finished The Shadow in the North this afternoon--brilliantly plotted and verging on the steampunky, but I'm still pissed that Pullman killed off one of my favorite characters. Grrr. Although Sally did rule my world there at the end.

New Van Helsing trailer out. Nic asked me to make screen caps, so I did--for some reason, I tend to cap teaser trailers but not full trailers. Dunno why. It's a fun trailer, even if the effects are shit; punctuality has never been so sexy (she said dryly). Also: Dear Santa, I would like to be Kate Beckinsale when I grow up, thanks.

Still having problems getting down to working on Black Ribbon. Keep opening the document and staring at it, and daydreaming things I might say, and then not writing them down. Wisdom teeth also still aching, but they're coming out on Monday. Depending on how badly it goes, I may or may not be online for a couple of days after that.

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