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SAG Awards 3

Does this dress make me look fat?

Man, that was the longest Detrol commercial ever.

Chandra Wilson in disco ball and Eric Dane in Very, Very Tall are here with female actor in a comedy series. America Ferrera looks wonderful in sort of a brown with a sheer shoulder drape. I don't think I had realized how much I was missing red carpet fashion until it was gone. Here's Tina Fey again in a very lovely black drape, very tasteful. Even tasteful is welcome in a drought, y'all. "It takes a lot of people to make me look like a good actor," she says, thanking her costars and, in particular, Alec Baldwin. "It's like watching Fred Astaire dancing with a hat rack, and after a while you think, 'Hey, that hat rack is pretty good!' So... I'm that hat rack."

Here's Kate Beckinsale in yellow (uh...) and really great hair, and James Marsden in hot. Best male actor in a comedy series! Wow, Alec Baldwin does a really good Redd Foxx impression. (Maybe it's Ray Charles? It's charmingly offensive, basically.) And of course Alec Baldwin has to win for that! Seriously, it really was kind of terrifying.

Ruby Dee! By herself, because she's Ruby Dee and good enough for two. She comes out in a very nice sort of dusty rose to present a clip from American Gangster. Wow... those glasses are... really swank. The frames are visibly striped, y'all. And they match her gown. I kind of want them for myself.

Michael C. Hall and Jeanne Tripplehorn, in a nondescript black (maybe it cuts a nice silhouette?) with comedy series ensemble. I'm... thinking it pretty much goes to 30 Rock at this point, what about you? Whoa! It goes to The Office! I'm not clairvoyant! Who knew? That's a nice dividing-up of the plunder. Jenna Fisher's dress is a sparkly gunmetal grey and I can't tell if I like it or not. It's kind of Gladiator looking? Like, in a Russell Crowe way, not a Connie Nielsen way. I think I do? Maybe?

Commercials! Brb.

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