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SAG Awards 4

I can't decide whether I like my green avatar dress or my brown avatar dress better. Thoughts?

Blair Underwood is back with clips representing pension plans and racial equality. ~ The More You Know! ~

The President of the Screen Actors Snack Break Guild! He gives up props to the WGA. UNION! UNION! And this is why they were allowed to do their show. SUCK IT, GLOBES.

Denis Leary is here to "honor my colleague Charles Durning." They have special awards at the SAGs? I guess so--they gotta fill two hours, I guess. (I say this like I've never watched the show before. I'm maudlin and I'm senile.) Welcome to the only awards show in the history of ever that has to think of things to pad out their running time. I love it. "He plays my father on a show I do called Rescue Me... And believe me, there is nothing more humiliating than an 80-year-old actor who knows his lines and your lines when you don't." Hey, is that Trailer Guy doing the montage voiceover? Charles Durning once showed up too drunk to go onstage. (ETA: Someone else was too drunk, and that's how he got his break. TYPING IS HARD.) The visuals lead me to believe "onstage" was "vaudeville." This is the downside of typing: not being able to look over my shoulder at the TV frequently enough. Did they say he was a dancer? Am I smoking crack or did I hear that. Also, Durning was the lone survivor of his unit during WWII and won the Silver Star and the Purple Heart, the latter three times. While trying to get theater parts, he taught at Fred Astaire Studios (I'm not smoking crack!). While auditioning for Hamlet, he was told he "didn't have it." Something had a sold-out season and then he was in The Sting and then Dog Day Afternoon and Tootsie and... The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. My mom used to love that movie. Why am I recapping this blow-for-blow? Charles Durning is awesome, the end. "Charles Durning played some villains and some heroes." Thank you, Captain Obvious Trailer Guy.

Please welcome! Burt Reynolds! Wait, are we not done here yet? "Since Audie Murphy passed away, Charles Durning is the most decorated actor who was ever, ever in World War II." Also, the first time he met Durning, he wanted to take a bite ("Hrfffmph!") "right out of his cheek." I'm... not sure I needed to know that. Standing ovation! Durning looks both ruddy and very, very fragile. Out in the audience, Kevin Bacon has massive bedhead, I can't even tell you. Durning fumbles. "I know you're new to the business," says Reynolds, "but this is the mike." "Hello, Mike," says Durning. Hee! It's a very sweet, touching, funny speech and I was too busy listening to transcribe.

(Note: Jenna Fischer's dress was actually blue [thanks, incogra!] in daylight. I really like it now. Also, I told you I always get the colors wrong under stage lights.)

Next up, "a special In Memoriam tribute." Oh, dammit, where's my Kleenex?

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