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SAG Awards 5

I'm already getting ready to sniffle, y'all.

Holly Hunter in white (with an interesting neck drape) and James Spader with five first-time nominees (well, that's rare) for male actor in TV movie/miniseries! And so of course they're all movie actors. Remember when TV actors actually got work? Kevin Kline wins for As You Like It, which I never got around to seeing but really wanted to, because the costumes looked awesome.

Ben Foster! I thought at first that the guy said "Beth Foster" and was deeply confused. He is here to present a clip from 3:10 to Yuma. It is extremely strange to see Christian Bale refer to himself as "your old man" to a teenager.

Showbiz! legend! Mickey! Rooney! Standing! Ovation! Female! Actor! In a TV movie/miniseries!! "You're beautiful," he says. "Thank you, for so much you've given me, for many years. I meant it. I think the world of all of you." I am not sure that Rooney realizes that he is here to present an award. Ah, yes, here we are: "I am here to open an envelope, and when you're 87, that's work." Heh. Also, he too stresses the importance of SAG's anniversary. UNION! UNION! Also, he wants to introduce "the woman who has always been there for me when things were tough," his wife Jan, who kisses her hands to the crowd. I'm a little confused. There are six nominees for this one--"There was a tie!" Eventually we will find out who they are! Maybe! Wow, I had forgotten that Anna Paquin went blonde. And after all the venerable, aged actresses in the category--Queen Latifah wins. That's awesome.

Here's Josh Brolin. Diane Lane kisses her hand to him in the audience (they're married, I think)? He does not look cheerful. I wouldn't either, because he's here to present the Annual Death March of Deathly Death. Here we go: Merv Griffin, Charles Nelson Reilly, Barbara McNair, Brad Renfro, Janet Blair, Allan Melvin, Lois Nettleton, Tige Andrews, Miyoshi Umeki, George Grizzard, Percy Rodrigues, Ron Carey, Charles Lane, Joey Bishop, Roscoe Lee Browne, Floyd Redcrow Westerman, Johnny Grant, Alice Ghostley, Kitty Carlisle, James T. Callahan, Robert Goulet, Laraine Day, Michael Kidd, Marcel Marceau, Alice Backes, Lee Bergere, Gretchen Wyler, Ian Richardson, Dick Wilson, Barry Nelson, Beverly Sills, Dabbs Greer, Suzanne Pleshette, Tom Poston, Jack Williams, Luciano Pavarotti, Jane Wyman, Betty Hutton, Deborah Kerr, and... Heath Ledger, with only a very short glimpse from Brokeback Mountain that seems to acknowledge that they don't want to set everyone to bawling. And... fade out.

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