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SAG Awards 6

Man, my neck is starting to crick. If we have the Oscars this year, I am not going to hold up too well.

Am I the only one who thinks that Vantage Point actually looks kind of interesting?

Blair Underwood is back with clips about technology, which SAG also unionized.

Viggo Mortensen! Very nice suit (pinstripe?), black shirt, red vest, red tie. See! You can be sartorially creative and not look atrocious! He sounds kind of... odd, though. Kind of bland and nondescript, if that makes any sense. Maybe he needs a sword. Best supporting female actor! Ooo, I like Amy Ryan's white halter drape. Flame-haired Tilda Swinton laughing at her own clip in a silver suit! Ruby Dee wins! Wow, that's an upset. Standing ovation! (Wait, is Viggo wearing some kind of red... sash? Fringy thing? What the hell was that?)

I still want Ruby Dee's glasses.

Dee thanks everyone in American Gangster, including Russell Crowe. Did she have scenes with him? Did she ever slap him upside the head onset? I like to imagine that she did. Aww, and she also accepts it on behalf of her late husband Ossie Davis.

Tommy Lee Jones is here with a clip for No Country for Old Men. Up in the next fifteen minutes: TOM CRUISE?!

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