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SAG Awards 7

Please welcome Kate Hudson in... wow, I'm not even sure I can describe this one. Also Matthew McConaughey, who is totally stroking her back where (theoretically) no one can see. Male lead actor! Huh, Daniel Day-Lewis is sitting at the Jolie-Pitt table. Ryan Gosling is scruffy casual. I had slight hopes after Viggo Mortensen's clip, and then I remembered: Daniel Day-Lewis, duh. He's so polite and soft-spoken and Irish British (British-Irish? Born English, naturalized Irish? I'm so confused), I'm always so surprised to hear him speak after seeing movies like Gangs of New York and There Will Be Blood, or even Last of the Mohicans ("STAY ALIVE! I WILL FIND YOU!!!!1!"). Aww, he mentions that Heath Ledger gave him a sense of wonder (huge applause) in Monster's Ball--you see now why I mentioned the DDL clip of him talking about Ledger and getting weepy last week. Because I am clairvoyant. "And of course, in Brokeback Mountain, he was unique, he was perfect." More applause. Aww, Cate Blanchett is teary in the audience. He finishes by dedicating the award to Ledger, who--as he said in the clip last week--he had never met. Aww.

Forest Whitaker, here for female lead actor. Aww, Cate Blanchett is still choked up. Marion Cotillard is sparkly, right up to her hair. Ellen Page is very simple and classy in black. And, in the one really open race of the year, Julie Christie wins. Big cheers when she reaches the podium; she looks great in a black suit and open-collar white blouse. Also: UNION! UNION! Aww, she says "The one who this award really belongs to is the divine Sarah"--wait, Bernhardt?--"the divine Sarah Polley, our writer and director. And if I've forgotten anybody, well... it's just that I'm still in character."

Ladies and gentlemen! CRAZY TOM CRUISE! He looks very subdued. I mean, very. Very sad eyes, for some reason. No nonsense, very quick. It's actually more disturbing than if he'd cartwheeled out there. I wonder if all the Anonymous group attacks have meant a sleepless weekend at the COS. Best ensemble: No Country for Old Men. Big cheers. Josh Brolin informs us that "this is Javier Bardem's 497th award. It's very sad... for the rest of us." Also: "The studio system is backfiring awfully, and it's fun for us actors." Also-also: "The Coen brothers are freaky little people, and we made a freaky little movie... whether you liked the ending or not." Huge laugh/cheer for the audience. And Disturbingly Sober Tom Cruise takes us out to the credits.

ETA: The awards run again at 10 pm (CST)--basically, there's an hour of something else between airings, so it'll start up again in about half an hour.

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