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Okay, I have a completely random, wank thought-provoking question to ask, in terms of random feedback. You know, the kind of feedback that you get after something's finished, not when you're actually still in revision mode. Actually, let me back up and ask a preliminary question: those of y'all who write, am I totally crazy for thinking there's a point when criticism just isn't helpful anymore? Constructive criticism is fantastic, and even if it hurts your feelings you don't like it or it doesn't seem helpful, you can still learn from it, or at least file it away under Complaints Registered. But to me, there's a point where the thing is done, and... it's just done. There's no going back. When I post a "Fifteen Minutes," barring some kind of major mistake or accidental omission, I generally consider it done. When someone publishes a book, it's done. All the criticism in the world isn't going to allow you to change it. You may mentally revise it for years and wish you could make changes, but basically? Nothing you can do about it. So to me, there's pre-release constructive criticism, and there's post-release literary (or "literary," if the parody thing in question... isn't) criticism. It's observational criticism, rather than constructive. I mean, yes, I can still learn for the future from it, but "This sucks," as vague as it is, might actually indicate that I need to change something before I release a work into the wild; after I release it, "This sucks" can't really help me.

So: 1) Am I crazy for thinking of it this way? 2) Am I being really unreasonable for thinking that leaving, in essence, "This sucks" as feedback is kind of unnecessary when a piece is finished and done? I guess what I'm thinking is... if you don't like something, go tell someone else you didn't like it, but don't tell me? Are you so dissatisfied with your (free, in this case) entertainment that you have to inform me? You couldn't just walk on by? Were you afraid that I was feeling too good about myself, or something? Or is it important to let people register their dissatisfaction, rather than just going, "Well, it's awful quiet out here, that must mean something"?

(Disclaimer: I actually thought that parts of the Cloverfield piece were weak, but kept moving rather than obsess about it, because there were parts that I felt really did work. I don't need rainbow pony hugs or anything. I am really truly trying to figure out if I have a spoiled, irrational mindset about criticism here. I'm actually kind of expecting y'all to tell me that I do, because it might help me suck it up.)


From Smadronia, another way to help someone that doesn't involve money: "A girl in Texas needs blood and platelet transfusions for the next 9 months, and her insurance won't cover all of it. If you donate blood, you can specify she gets credited for it, which will allow her to get more transfusions. It's something like every 2 pints donated in her name will get her a pint of blood." More info here.

From agentsculder: "Attention Rebellious Jezebels!" Awesome.

SAG Awards: My live blogging, let me show you it; Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Award Winners (while we're here: Sean Young drama at the DGAs); Oscar odds, post-SAG Awards; SAG Awards: The best and worst moments; The Hater: SAG Awards Superlatives; Good and bad SAG fashion at Jezebel; 2008 SAG Award Red Carpet Pics; Viggo Mortensen's ensemble, which actually seems to be a dark blue (and red) in daylight, with bonus Javier Bardem; Post-SAG Awards photos; Josh Brolin was kind of a douche last night, which was even more striking after Daniel Day-Lewis Dedicated His SAG Award to Heath Ledger (video).

Speaking of which, only non-sensationalist, movie-related Heath Ledger links: Christopher Nolan has a beautiful piece in Newsweek that killed me in the last paragraph; Did Heath Ledger finish vocals on 'Dark Knight'? (signs still seem to point to yes); Heath Ledger Talks Joker Role Prior to Death; existing Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus set pics (warning: there's a second set that are, in retrospect, upsetting. If it helps any, these are apparently from his first scene in the movie), plus a script review that may give you some idea of what it's about; Heath Ledger's Final Portrait (literally, a painted portrait); "Golden Years" clip from A Knight's Tale.

Sundance winners announced.

"Anonymous" still attacking the Church of Scientology. Specifically, from solle: "Anonymous are thousands of people that have collectively managed to uncover and distribute half a decade worth of lies and secrets in less than a week. This is already much bigger than the discovery of the Xenu story ten years ago, and it's still growing." Examples: "They've stolen basically every important Scientology document, book, DVD, tape and secret file and put it online"; "They've found the full 45 min. Tom Cruise video"; "the 'Jesus was a pedophile' level has been put online," and so very, very much more. Meanwhile: The Ultimate Tom Cruise Scientology Parody Video Roundup, which may have something to do with Tom Cruise's sober appearance at the SAGs; Scientologists Haven't Even Thought About Suing Gawker (read this in an O RLY? tone); Fight Scientology Without Breaking the Law, Jerks.

Disabled spy satellite threatens Earth.

What in the holy hell.

Japanese girl's letter returned 15 years later ... by fish.

FBI: Woman sought hit man on Craigslist.

On 'Celebrity Rehab,' Dr. Drew Teaches Jeff Conaway's Girlfriend About Why He Claims To Have Severe Menstrual Cramps. I cannot recommend this show highly enough, mostly because it is terrifying. If you have kids who are old enough to hear about why drugs are bad for you, have them watch at least one episode of this. Have them watch Grease, actually, and then have them watch Jeff Conaway shaking uncontrollably and screaming and vomiting. And you know what the scariest thing is? Dr. Drew is completely calm and deadpan--and utterly professional--the entire time, because he sees this all day, everyday. Conaway's having a seizure and has to be rushed to the hospital? Yup, just another day at Pasadena Recovery.

Stallone: HGH use is 'nothing.'

Cool Person of the Day at Jezebel: "Cook and her sister were huge opera fans who, under the cover of being opera groupies, snuck in and out of Germany before WWII to smuggle the valuables of Jewish families to safety. Later, Cook began writing Mills & Boon novels to fund their activities, and helped 29 people escape the Nazis."

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds announce European tour.

No. Go make IRL friends.

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Ursula K. Le Guin.

Free audio of Neil Gaiman reading his Cthulhu/Sherlock mashup "A Study in Emerald."

JG Ballard explains how he came to write Crash.

Former sanitizer of rental movies is accused of paying teens for sex. Maybe I'm totally lame, but I actually sucked in my breath and said, "Oh...! Oh... snap " out loud. It was just that satisfying to read.

What's the terminal velocity of a Balrog?

Tackling a Character Who’s a Real Character. Wait, Harvey Keitel is playing Jerry Springer?

Full collection of Disney's Year of a Million Dreams ads. The Scarlett Johansson and Rachel Weisz ads win easily.

Cloverfield Drops To Fourth, unsurprisingly; A Monster Hit: Bryan Burk Talks Cloverfield; Should 'Cloverfield' have been on the big screen at all?; Missed Connections - Day after Cloverfield (Humor); What Should Happen in Cloverfield 2: The Reclovening? (note: I have no idea what that thing in the accompanying picture is); Cloverfield as an exercise in emergency preparedness of which there is little, with bonus linkage to Cloverfield in Fifteen Minutes (woohoo!). ("Note: when our protagonists spot the abandoned horse carriage, they should have thought, 'Hurrah! Transportation!' ”)

‘Lost’s’ Ben divulges clues about season 4.


"Deathly Hallows" Director Update: Heyman says Del Toro Not Really in the Running.

Del Toro Considering Hobbit Films; New Line, MGM Hope To Appease 'Hobbit' Fans By Throwing Big Bag Of Money At Guillermo Del Toro.

Hornby Confirms 'Quantum of Solace' Scalextric Racing Set. I understood maybe two words in this headline, but something's confirmed, and it sounds awesome. Also: Mathieu Amalric Calls 'Quantum of Solace' "very dark"; Craig Defends New Bond Title; More 'Quantum' Comments From Daniel Craig And Gemma Arterton.

Marion Cotillard to Join Depp and Bale in 'Public Enemies.' It's like they're sitting around going, "Could we make this movie more awesome? You would think not. But you would be wrong."

2 new 'Dark Knight' photos.

'The X-Files' Hits Newfoundland.

New 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' Art.

New Pics From Will Smith's Hancock [Morning Spoilers].

J.J. Abrams Talks Star Trek Visual Effects and Realism; Marlene Forte Joins Star Trek.

Paul Giamatti Wears Fully-Functional Rocket Belt in "Pretty Bird" [Scary Inventions].

Luc Besson Embarks on an Extraordinary Gallic Adventure.

Cleese To Join 'Day the Earth Stood Still' Remake.

'Harvey Milk' Set Photos.

New Photo From Disney/Pixar's 'Up.'

Sundance Interview: 'Funny Games' Star Michael Pitt; Sundance Interview: 'Funny Games' Star Brady Corbet.

Harvey Weinstein Wants Another Rambo Sequel?

Channing Tatum is Duke in G.I. Joe. I can't decide if I'm even less thrilled about this movie than I was about Transformers. Where is my She-Ra movie, I ask you?

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  • Two entries in a row omg

    So this happened: \o/ Meanwhile, here are the songs that get stuck in your head when you are sick in bed and helpless to do anything about…

  • Podcasts!

    I kept trying to write ~companion posts~ to go with the podcasts, got too bogged down in rainy depression to manage it (THREE WEEKS OF STORMS AND…

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