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I'm several days behind on the 'spam, so I harvested as much as I could off Google Reader before I just lost my will to spam completely. Because there was a lot.

You know how sometimes, you just see something so hideous you have to share it? Kind of like, "Oh my God, this is awful! Taste it! "? Westboro Baptist "Church" tries to guilt-trip the Ledger family into telling them where the funeral will be. If you can overlook the COMPLETELY HEINOUS NATURE of their open letter, the sheer absurdity of it verges on hilarious. Personally, I feel that the city of Perth should give them a map directing them to a "secret location" in the bush, "where a party of dingoes will escort you to the graveside service."

Meanwhile: 'ET,' 'Insider' Back Out Of Playing Heath Ledger Drug Video; Fan Rant: The Heath Ledger Video, which asks the question--the same one I wanted to ask--which is, why was the "Heath Ledger talking about drugs at a party and then possibly (?) doing some" (rightfully) yanked from entertainment news shows out of "respect," but we're subjected to Britney's mentally ill "antics" everyday? Why is one exploitative and the other not?

Also: Two-Face Ready For His 'Dark Knight' Close-Up, or, How WB Is Going to Market 'The Dark Knight' Now; Gilliam to Finish 'Parnassus' with a CGI Heath Ledger?; Michelle Williams pulling out of 'Shutter Island'?

Speaking of Britney: Britney Spears, Code Name 'The Package', Rushed To Hospital As GurneyGate 2.0 Unfolds Overnight. Did I mention Hostage Brituation 2008 when it first happened? I think I did. A while back, I resolved not to mention any drug-addled, mimsy-flashing starlets unless the story was really big or I thought of something semi-profound to say about it, and so far I feel like I've done a fairly good job restraining myself. (In this case, the subtext is "Britney getting help, finally.") Mostly because I just got tired of hearing about blonde young famewhores, but also because I'd begun to feel that if I really didn't want to hear any more, I should do my part and withdraw from the gossip media cycle--not pass the news on, not discuss it, not gawk at it myself. And a large part of that is the sense that the gossip cycle perpetuates itself with some of these celebutantes: they keep acting out because they crave the media exposure, then break down when they can't handle it. It's not a moral judgment on anyone who does enjoy celebrity gossip (and I enjoy other kinds of celebrity gossip); it's just my way of being--not carbon neutral, I guess, but gossip neutral. Anyway.

Writers Guild Reaches More Interim Agreements.

Do People Know That TV As They Know It Will Shut Down? And I'm pissed about it, too. Thanks for ensuring we all have to buy new TVs, jackasses.

Rio Carnival float depicting Holocaust banned. I don't have enough What?! for this. I think Westboro used all my What?! up, actually.

An Extensive History Of Terrible Headlines.

Secret safe-words of the Emergency Broadcasting System.

Bloggers Can Be Bought, Just Like Editors!


Isabella Rossellini's bug porn. Because the Orangina commercial just wasn't brain-scarring enough.

Lessing Accepts Her Nobel Prize Nicely This Time.

Want to Save Book Sections? Write Better Reviews. O snap.

Ishmael Beah Still Sticks by His Memoir.

Alan Moore documentary on AlterTube.

Wait a minute, wasn't Captain America dead?

Nancy "Bart Simpson" Cartwright Gives $10 Million to Scientology. Man, I hope she kept the receipt for that.

Neil Gaiman: The People in 'Torchwood' Are All Too Stupid to Live.

Oscars to go on, possibly with 'packages of film and concepts' (oh God, poor Jon Stewart); Oscars Producer Ask WGA To Reconsider Decision To Picket; Oscars: 20 nominee portraits; Once's 'Falling Slowly' [Re-]Approved as Oscar Nominee; 'No Country for Old Men': mysteries dispelled (?) Get ready for 'Crash': The TV Series; ‘Juno’ Laid Low by Success; ‘Ratatouille’ cheated out of best picture nod?

‘Lost’ no more: Show returns for short run; One-Fisted Beer-Drinking, Cut From Tonight's Lost Episode; ''Lost'': Preseason cheat sheet; The Hater: Lost For Dummies; Everything You Need to Know About "Lost: Missing Pieces" Mobisodes; Lost Season 4 Oceanic Airlines adverts; Tidbits: ‘Lost’ star Garcia spills his take on the mystery; ''Lost'' star Emerson gets creepy; 5Top: Favorite ‘Lost’ characters; 'Last' man on 'Lost'; What could 'Lost' possibly do next? (Answer: "Anything"); Land Of The Lost Was Cooler Than Lost.

Carla Gugino Gets Sexy For Silk Spectre In ‘Watchmen’; Spoilers For Watchmen, Dragonball, Lost and CJ7.

It's Official: 'Cloverfield 2' is Coming!; Matt Reeves Directing Cloverfield Sequel and The Invisible Woman; Writer Drew Goddard returning; Cloverfield Has Secret Emo Rock Soundtrack.

New Prince Caspian Poster!

Indiana Jones Holds a Bazooka in New Movie Pic; 2nd Empire Indiana Jones Photo Online.

Xzibit Blogs on the Set of The X-Files Sequel ("Im in Canada,and its fuckin FREEZING!").

'Quantum of Solace' Poster and Behind the Scenes Bond Footage; Motormouth Gemma Arterton Reveals More 'Bond' Details; Mathieu Amalric On Being A Bond Baddie; 'Bond' Actors Talking Way Too Much About Their Roles; Five Sound Stages Simultaneously For 'Quantum of Solace'; 'Quantum of Solace' Natural Resource Revealed [SPOILER]? In case you're wondering, I actually haven't read any of these articles and am actually trying to go relatively spoiler-free.

David Yates to Direct "Deathly Hallows"? First Half-Blood Prince trailer released soon! Yes, that's all one headline. Also: Portions of the "Half-Blood Prince" script leaked, and there are some... changes.

Del Toro To Incite Audiences To ‘Madness’ With H.P. Lovecraft Project; In Which Cthulhu Kicks Cloverfield's Ass Without Ever Showing Its Face ['Call Of Cthulhu,' 2005].

3D 'Coraline' Trailer, Except Not in 3D. "I mean, just listen to the man in the theater shouting at the needle heading towards him. Some of that is actual fear and the inability to distinguish film from reality, but at least part is probably excitement at how good it looks."

Mark Romanek Quits 'The Wolf Man' Over Creative Werewolf Differences; Brett Ratner to Direct 'The Wolfman'? WHY GOD WHY.

'Last King of Scotland' Director Signs for 'Bobby Fischer Goes to War.'

Claire Danes Joins 'Me & Orson Welles.'

Mira Nair Replaces Noyce on Amelia Earhart Biopic.

Dueling 'Leatherheads' Posters -- Sports or Romance?

First Pics of Sean Penn as Harvey Milk Arrive Online. I'm getting the uneasy feeling that this is going to be another one of those Obvious from the Moment the Movie Comes Out Oscars.

Viggo Takes Young Wolverine On "The Road."

A Return To ‘Jurassic Park’ Wouldn’t Be Dino-Mite Says Star. Wah-wah-wahhhhhh.

Josh Hartnett Won’t Be Getting Jazzed For ‘Cool’ Chet Baker Flick.

Butler Joins Heigl in The Ugly Truth.

‘Be Kind’ trailer gets a low-budget remake. Oh, Michel Gondry, you so crazy.

Michael Bay Ready To Ruin 'Nightmare On Elm Street' For A New Generation Of Horror Fans.

'Son of Rambow' Trailer Far Better Than Actual 'Rambo.'

Slate Declares 'Meet the Spartans' a "Massive Consumer Fraud." You had to spend $10 to figure that out?

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