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Am I the only one who could be completely content with only one scoop of raisins in my Raisin Bran? Seriously, I keep having to shake them to the bottom of the box.

The most magnificent sentence I have seen in a nonfiction book in quite some time (The Victorian Underworld, Donald Thomas, page 151): "Time stood still, so that it seemed to be always summer in pornotopia."

The More You Know (page 160): "Swinburne, condemned in drawing-room and deanery for the subject-matter of Poems and Ballads, created a court for Queen Victoria populated by such grotesques as the Duchess of Fuckingstone, Miss Sarah Butterbottom, the Marchioness of Mausprick and Miss Polly Poke. In another sphere, Dr. J. L. Milton had endeavoured to instil chastity in the middle-class young by his Pathology and Treatment of Spermatorrhoea, which had gone through twelve editions by 1887. The principle of this gothic ailment was that every orgasm drains away spinal fluid, dooming the victim to a life of imbecility and an early grave. When Milton first published this helpful information, it was saluted by Harlequin: Prince Cherrytop and the Good Fairy Fairfuck (1879), a burlesque pantomime whose authors included George Augustus Sala."

Groundhog predicts more winter weather.

Study: It Rains Less on Weekends. Tell me they didn't spend money on that.

Who am I rooting for tomorrow? "Oh... the Super Bowl's tomorrow?" Puppy Bowl IV, that's who I'm rooting for. Call me when a hi-res version of the Prince Caspian and Wanted trailers go online.

In case you missed the Cloverfield monster commercial during Lost the other night, here's the relevant footage. Note: They managed to create a monster that basically looks different from every angle you photograph it--from above it looks like a cave troll; from below, like a praying mantis; from the front, kind of like one of those... you know, the strider things in The Dark Crystal? Except the strider things were actually nice and friendly. Even though they still freaked my shit out a little bit. So even when you're seeing it here, you're... not.

(I'll give you this much: No matter how many captures I see of the thing, it still wigs me out every single time. That's got to be a success on some level.)

Also: In the chaos of the movie I had missed what Hud was actually screaming half the time. In this clip, it can be roughly transcribed as, "ROOOOOB! ROOOOOB! HEY! Oh! God! dude! HEY ROOOOOB! [Rob indicates that they should run towards the monster.] WHAAAT? WHAAAAAT?" And now you know why I called the monster Darwin.

(By the way: I was also able to pull a fairly clear image of a parasite jumping on Marlena from... actually, let me stop there before the MPAA breaks down my door.)


(Oh, I put up some Cloverfield icons at m15m, btw. Guess that Yahoo clip answers the question of whether it's too soon to use the monster in icons or not.)

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