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So we had a metric ton of awful crap football food for dinner--I say that lovingly--and now I don't feel so good. You know, like Rotel-and-cheese dip and three kinds of chips and cocktail dogs in bacon and raw veggies for dipping (no one ate those). Whatever new-year new-life plan I had going, I realized in a greasy haze, has long since fallen by the wayside. Coming down with the death flu probably knocked that down initially (although I did lose about ten pounds, just by, uh, being unable to eat for seven days). But, you know, it's February. It's time to pick the slack back up.

(I think my parents were rooting for the Giants. Were the Giants playing? I heard a lot of screaming downstairs, that's all I know. I'm the kind of person who, if you asked me who was playing the Super Bowl today, would have said, "Oh, Tom Petty. I think.")

Petty too safe for halftime show. Ah, Tom Petty. I mean, I love him--I was as happy as anyone when he started off with "American Girl"--but I was questioning the wisdom of having him as the halftime act. You know, in this crazy-go-nuts world of musicians under the age of fifty. But you could totally hear the crowd singing along with all the songs, so I think they liked it. Which may really be the point of the thing--you've got a wide swath of America in that stadium, all ages and tastes, and maybe a half hour of greatest hits from a hall-of-famer is what's needed. I feel like Prince last year was The Most Awesome Thing That Ever Happened or Ever Will Happen to the Super Bowl, but--thinking about it now--I'm not sure that anyone else could have pulled off "Proud Mary," Bob Dylan and the Foo Fighters in a single set. Maybe vanilla sets of Greatest Hits are for the best at large sporting events, the majority of the time.

(My parents were not happy with Prince last year. Not in any moral sense, just that they don't like His Music, whatever that means. I figured Mom would be happier with Tom Petty this year. "Who?" she asks. After I'm done headdesking, I rattle off some song titles and she recollects who he is. "Oh," she says. "I don't like His Music." What music DO you like? WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LIKE???)

PUPPY BOWL IV! Who won? Everyone.

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