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Completely blah. Managed to force self to clean up BR#2 (i.e., take out footnotes to self and format properly for workshop), plus fix up that West-out-of-character bit, if sloppily) and email it to classmates earlier this afternoon.

Vladimir very sick now. Very unhappy about this and hope he feels better soon. Terrible thing that he's over in Croatia and I'm over here and cannot bring him soup or tissues or magazines or whatever he would like when sick.

Eric tells me he's thinking about making Nun-Clown: The Movie but is sort of afraid it's a bad idea. I think it's a fucking awesome idea and he needs to do it ASAP.

(Coincidentally, Eric concurs with my assessment of Stay-Puft Hissyfit Man: "Ouah enemy has more than twice ouah guns, more than twice ouah numbahs! And my bloated face has more than twice the surface area of China.")

Want chocolate very badly. Particularly Hershey bars, due to stupid "Hershey Happiness!" commercials I keep seeing everyday during Passions. (Shut up, man. They had a full 80% of the cast shirtless in the water today trying to save Luis from drowning-while-saving-the-baby-that-wasn't-actually-there. Also: Are we to assume that Charlie is dead now?) May go get some Corn Pops in lieu of the chocolate I don't currently have.

Wait... we don't have a paper on Heaney due Monday night, do we?
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