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Massive linkspam catch-up

So... I had a shitty evening last night. My blood pressure still feels a little high today. Hurrah. Here was the one bright spot: I was at TV Tropes going through the Characters as Device list when I saw "The Littlest Cancer Patient" and went, "Aww, hey, that's like the thing I used in the... omg."

Presumably, the name of this trope is a reference to The Day After Tomorrow in Fifteen Minutes, which uses the phrase to great hilarity.

I have made my contribution to the world and can die happy. You think I'm kidding, and I'm not.

(Maybe I shouldn't say things like "die happy" after the High Blood Pressure of Fury last night. And the last time I had it checked, the nurse actually said I had very good, low blood pressure. Knocking on wood... now.)

(Before you ask: yes, I voted today. Now I'm going to go scrapbook something random until I feel mellower.)

Speaking of which, from entropy_and_me: "I was so inspired by your digital scrapbooking creations that I've gotten a bit, er, obsessively into it myself now. I made a digiscrapping resource post at my blog. You might be collecting links to do a digiscrapping linkspam yourself for all I know, but I thought my little resource post might be of interest to your readership."

Apparently Forest Whitaker was here in town campaigning for Obama.

WGA, studios reportedly moving toward deal; Striking writers reach deal with independents; Networks feeling the impact of strike; Time for writers to rethink strike (note: MSNBC obviously has ties to NBC, one of the biggest bads in the whole ordeal); Strike May End Soon, but Writers May Confront a Hostile Hollywood.

AT&T will help Hollywood spy on traffic, but Verizon says it won't.

Hollywood Stars Snub BAFTAs; Oscar Screener Piracy Less Of A Problem, Thanks To Regular Piracy; Shocking Report: Vanity Fair Oscar Party Canceled?

Britney’s elusive friend Lutfi has shady past; Lutfi accused of drugging, abusing Spears. Wow.

L.A. ponders law to rein in paparazzi. Yeah, you might want to "ponder" that.

Quarter of Brits think Churchill was myth. Yeah, so don't talk to me about American education. "A sample of 3000 people isn't even fair!" I'm just saying, remember that the next time some "scientific" poll comes out and claims Americans don't know what year the war of 1812 was.

Joran van der Sloot admits, on tape, that Natalie Holloway died on beach (Was Natalee Holloway Dumped Overboard While Still Alive?). He now claims he was "lying," but the really disturbing part is that, in the tape, he not only says he "hasn't lost sleep over it," but it's not even entirely certain that she was dead when they dumped her in the ocean.

(From the annals of badly-written headlines: Footage claims to solve Aruba mystery. Um, no. The footage itself is not claiming anything. There is no videotape hopping around going, "Hey! Hey, you guys! Hey!")

Heath's LA Memorial; Ledger's hometown mourns its biggest star; Nicholson Misquoted on Ledger Warning.

Facebook Outrage: Insurance Company Demands A Peek At Kids' Profiles.

Google issues statement on MSFT's hostile Yahoo bid; Yahoo may consider Google alliance, source says. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Navy Tests Incredible Sci-Fi Weapon.

Blu-ray winning studio war, but needs to sway consumers.

Blue roses to go on sale in Japan.

Holland to Become World's First Floating Country. Are we calling it Holland again? When I was in school, they spent most of geography class drilling "the Netherlands" into our young skulls.

Conan, Stewart, Colbert unite in mock feud.

James Frey Taking a Different Tack for New Novel.

Feature: The knights who say "nerd": 20 pop-cultural obsessions even geekier than Monty Python.

Vanity Fair's 2008 Hollywood Issue Cover Shoot; Behind the Scenes at the 2008 Hollywood Issue Cover Shoots; Behind the Scenes of the Hitchcock Portfolio; Renee Zellweger's 'Vanity Fair' Hitchcock Homage: Emoting Like You've Never Seen Before (okay, I am really interested in seeing the Hitchcock homages); Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue: 14 Years of Annie Leibovitz Covers.

From xander77: Steam Wars!

''Hannah Montana'' sets record; Miley's Movie Extended in U.S. Theatres After Big Debut; 'Hannah Montana's' Cyrus: 'It's like wow.'

New stills: Wanted; Prince Caspian; Funny Games; Horton Hears a Who; Julia; The Other Boleyn Girl; Mamma Mia!

J. K. Rowling Discusses Inspiration for Minister of Magic and More in New Interview; Gloucester Cathedral set #6; Gloucester Cathedral set-up #7.

John Maybury Goes From 'The Edge of Love' to 'Wuthering Heights'; Lohan & Knightley vying for the role of Catherine Earnshaw. I love how the accompanying picture on ONTD shows their Razzie- and Golden-Globe-nominated performances, respectively.

Horror fans react with disgust to Sweeney Todd - because it's a musical. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the two big negative reactions to this movie were "Ewww, gore!" and "EW, MUSICALS!" I personally view it as the best of both worlds, but...

Depp film ['Public Enemies'] to shoot in Richland Center.

What happens when the Cloverfield monster hits the dating scene (warning: monster spoilers. Chibi monster spoilers. Kind of).

Full Spoilage For J.J. Abrams' X-Files Ripoff! [Morning Spoilers].

Possible 'Quantum of Solace' Opening Sequence Details; Further Details On Panama Shoot For 'Quantum of Solace'; Neil Jackson Is 'Mr. Slate' In 'Quantum of Solace.'

New ‘Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull’ photo; Indiana Jones' Crystal Skull Revealed.

Wolf Man Replacement Director Named: Joe Johnston; Will Brett Ratner Ever Escape Internet Jail?; Should John Landis Be Released from Director Jail?

David Bowie in Talks to Join 'Will.'

trailer_spot: Happening, Flawless, Taken, Sex and Death 101, Mongol, Quantum of Solace.

Exclusive Trailer: Naomi Watts In ‘Funny Games’; 'Iron Man,' 'Wall-E' and 'Leatherheads' Superbowl Trailers; Wall-E Gets Friendly With A Vacuum Cleaner [Roboerotic Asphyxiation]; Trailer Blazer: 'The Happening,' 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' 'Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?'; 'Taken' Trailer Looks Creepy; The Hater: M. Night Shyamalan's New Movie Will Make You Want To Kill Yourself.

Kristen Stewart Wants A ‘Twilight’ Series That Sucks… In All The Right Ways.

‘Simpsons’ Sequel? All Strike And No Work Make Homer Something Something.

Jim Henson Biopic in the Works.

First Look at James Franco in "Milk"; Sean Penn and James Franco as lovers in 'Milk'; New Photo of Emile Hirsch in 'Milk.'

Friel Gets Lost With Ferrell.

Emily Blunt is 'The Girl.'

Jim Carrey Suits Up As Santa For Robert Zemeckis’ ‘Christmas Carol.’

Englund Not Among New Nightmare Plans.

Rumor: Venom Getting a Spin-Off Movie?

Tons Of Spoilers For Hellboy 2, Plus Terminator, X-Files Pics [Morning Spoilers].

McG wants Daniel Day-Lewis for Terminator sequel. Okay, you got Bale--let's not get crazy here. Or, as the ONTD poster concludes, "I believe his holiness DDL ain't got time for that shit." Hee!

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