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Urg, tired. Recovering a bit from 24 hours of uninterrupted dog. I did finally crate them and go sleep in my own bed, because I was trying to sleep on the couch and Shelby was sleeping on my feet (remember: forty-pound dog) and the cat was sleeping on my hip, and it just wasn't happening. I let Sam (the pomeranian) sleep on my bed, though, and he was v. v. pleased. I figured, though, that the dogs are used to being crated at night, so, you know: routine is comforting. And Sam usually has to get dragged away from my room to sleep in my parents', so it was like he got a treat. Speaking of treats, I survived through liberal application thereof. I probably gave out too many (we're talking Milkbones here), but I figured, you know, anything I had to do to get them to behave while I had no reinforcements.

Kept TCM on most of yesterday; watched Mildred Pierce (which I love, although I've never been able to figure out how Veda came to be such a class-obsessed hosebeast in the first place, since neither of her parents were), slept through Grand Hotel, to my great regret, and then watched Camille and the end of Kitty Foyle. At some point a movie about Woody Guthrie was on--made in the '70s--that involved a lot of punching and guitars. At one point, they punched a guitar. I'm not even making this up. And it just got more '70s from there, so I turned off the TV and tried to read more of The Victorian Underworld. And then Shelby sat on my head. And then I took that giant purple bath I mentioned, and Scout licked my ear the whole time. And now I've got a million billion emails and RSS feeds to check. So... linkspam's not going up today, let's put it that way.

But, from the NYT: Is the writers' strike over? No, for real this time? For really real? Shows that could start up production again this season.

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