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Whew, caught up

Re: yesterday's Scientology raids: laughingacademy dropped me a link to deathboy's London writeup, in which he saw "500 people rick-rolling [i.e., playing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Don't ask me] the UK Scientology head office. It was at this point I saw the corners of the cops' mouths twitch into smiles as they realised it was ok: we were from the internets." Among the pictures included: I love the little sign that reads "DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING." Also: Metroblogging Los Angeles: Anonymous vs. Scientology IRL showdown in LA (I dig the "I'm too poor to believe in Scientology" sign. Also, the suparrrr-stealthy Scieno "ice" truck); the Anonymous Worldwide Raids and Shenanigans pool on Flickr; It's not lupus thetans.

More linkspam:

'Jaws' actor Roy Scheider dies at 75; Remembering Roy Scheider.

Yahoo rebuff sets up tense battle.

How a Lunar Eclipse Saved Columbus.

French Artist Talks To Aliens Using Crazy Font.

Apparently immaculate Komodos hatched.

Nothing is currently cuter than Flocke the eisbär (omgwtfeisbär!). Also: eisbär. I may never get over the cuteness.

Union leadership recommends new contract to writers; Welcome back WGA. Here's your pink slips; If strike’s over, where are our shows?

BAFTAs Pick Atonement for Best Film (Knightley Auctions 'Atonement' Dress); Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard Win BAFTA Awards (Day-Lewis Defends Controversial 'Blood' Ending; Paramount sends free milkshake coupons to press); Golden Compass wins BAFTA FX award; Ratatouille Wins 9 Annie Awards; 'Juno,' 'No Country' take top honors at Writers Guild Awards.

Blanchett Gives Eulogy To Ledger at Memorial Service; Mourners bid farewell to Ledger.

Coroner Concludes Renfro Died From Heroin Overdose.

Prince Caspian to be Presented at WonderCon; The X-Files at WonderCon 2008 on February 23 in San Francisco; Full WonderCon 2008 Schedule Announced.

Birmingham sci-fi convention loses actors. Something about alleged breach of contract? I sense shenanigans.

Lawsuit Halts The Hobbit: Tolkien estate sues New Line Cinema.

Fleur Delacour Won’t Appear in ‘Half-Blood Prince’ Says ‘Harry Potter’ Actress; Construction Begins on Hogwarts Castle for Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park;
"Deathly Hallows" Movie to Begin Filming Next February, Two Films Still Under Consideration.

First Pic From Terry Gilliam's 'Doctor Parnassus.'

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Updates from Eric Bana and NASA; The Best Actor In Star Trek Reboot Only Has A Cameo.

Samuel L. Jackson May Return As Mace Windu In ‘Star Wars’ CGI Series.

'Quantum of Solace' Teaser Poster Revealed; Quantum of Solace Set Pics & Shooting Locations; Amy Winehouse Offered Bond Theme, Source Says; New Spy Shots Of Daniel Craig And Gemma Arterton; Shilpa Shetty Joins 'Quantum of Solace' -- Third Bond Girl?

'The Incredible Hulk' Villain Revealed.

Another Shot from 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'; New Indiana Jones Hat & Jacket Featurette.

Julie Taymor's Spider-Man musical going forward? With Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood in the leads, no less. Also: 'Shrek' will open Dec. 14 on Broadway; Could 'Fight Club' really be coming to Broadway?

Ridley Scott Talks 'Monopoly' and 'Robin Hood.'

Natalie Portman Says She's Frustrated By Lack of Good Female Roles. You think you're frustrated? Try the actresses who have to wait until you, Scarlett Johansson, and Keira Knightley turn down all the parts.

Brian Cox and Josh Lucas Summon Poe For ‘Tell-Tale’ Re-Imagining.

'Pippa Lee' Gets Reeves, Gyllenhaal, Arkin and Bellucci.

James McAvoy Runs from Gangsters in 'Perrier's Bounty.'

Frears, Hampton & Pfeiffer Reunite for Colette's 'Chéri.'

Has Antoine Fuqua Found His Pablo for 'Escobar'?

Kristen Bell Signs Signs for 'When in Rome.'

Ellen Page Starring in Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me to Hell.'

Gary Oldman Joins David Goyer's ... Auschwitz Thriller?

Ben Foster is 'The Messenger.'

Josh Brolin is the New Terminator?

Uma Looks After 'Eloise.'

‘Twilight’ Gets Fresh Blood With Anna Kendrick, Justin Chon; Stephenie Meyer’s Fourth (and Final) Edward and Bella Book Set for Publication.

Dominic Monaghan Gets Creepy With 'Pet.'

Common Confirms He’s Green Lantern In ‘Justice League.’

Guillermo del Toro Wants to Make Dr. Strange, Too.

Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz Shoot Steamy Lesbian Scene for Woody?; Allen casts Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood.

Writer sues Mel Gibson over ‘Passion’ script.

What Is Disney's Plan for 'Pirates 4'?; ‘Pirates’ Director Admits ‘At World’s End’ Problems, Won’t Set Sail Again Without Script.

Rumor: Rob Zombie Directing the Conan Reboot?

OMG (weep) Corey Haim is BACK in 'Lost Boys 2.'

Val Kilmer Replaces Will Arnett As Voice Of K.I.T.T. Due To Conflict Of Truck-Pimping Interest.

Uwe Boll's Latest Masterwork: 'Tunnel Rats' Trailer. Warning: accompanying image is both graphic and nonsensical.

'Me & You, Us, Forever': The worst movie trailer ever. I am actually willing to sign off on this assessment as well--it really, really is. And kind of creepy as well, if it really is based on the director's life (EXTREMELY! PRECISE! DATES!).

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