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Wow, I did not plan on being exhausted tonight. Funny how that works. Anyway, I got no reading done (I've finished The Victorian Underworld, which was excellent, and moved on to Lee Jackson's Dictionary of Victorian London, which seems to be a condensed, A-to-Z version of his mammoth site, which means that it is AWESOME) and I spent most of the day helping Sister Girl make a Valentine's gift for her boyfriend. It was just... a long day. Not a bad one, just a long one. And now I want 10 cc's of chocolate and a long sleeps.

Re: snow: It was sad. Like, a light dusting of powder that froze over, nearly killed anyone who tried to walk on it, and melted by 1 pm. The dogs enjoyed licking it, however.

Re: Valentine's: Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for said snow pushed the Valentine Fairy Deputization entry off the top of my journal, so make sure you check that out if you'd like to go Valentining tomorrow.

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