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I just had, in retrospect, one of those age-old conversations made odd (oddened?) by a modern twist:

I left Firefox open when I went downstairs, and I don't remember what page it was on when I left, but I know it wasn't Here comes Sister Girl--j'accuse! "Have you been reading my journal? "

She hesitates. "Uh, yeah," she says. "I was looking for that thing you said you wrote up, about the time we watched that movie with the girl--you know, the girl with the--the thing!"

"Claire Forlani?"



Meanwhile, I actually spent the day feeling a little sad, which I didn't expect, because yesterday went by okay, as far as the family thing went, and I'm glad not to have to worry about a relationship while I'm trying to straighten my own shit out--it's a relief. I think what I really need is a good spring cleaning, and I'm desperately overdue to see Della the Goddess of Hair again. Like, four inches of roots overdue. I just feel a little bit like a rainy day, I guess.

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