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Not the best Saturday I have ever had

I'm behind on linkspam (again), so I'm just going to throw what I've currently got in Semagic up here:

So Sister Girl comes home and is showing me what she bought on an afternoon out (shoes, mostly), and she pulls out a roll of purple PVC tape. "It only sticks to itself!" she announces. "I thought it might be cute for wrapping presents, but... again, it only sticks to itself. I don't know what I'm going to do with it." "Well, I guess if it sticks to itself, you can tie someone up with it," says I. She smirks and says, "Yeah, I know." "So... basically... you went and bought yourself sex tape." "Well, it was at Spencer's." "Oh, well, duh, of course it's sex tape."

FYI: I just had Lindt's crème brûlée chocolate bar. This may be one of the best things you will ever put in your mouth (har har. Shut up. It has the crunchy burnt sugar in the cream filling!).

The Million Fag March will pay a visit to the Westboro Baptist Church on March 30. Keep in mind that the WBC is the "church" that keeps protesting (or planning to protest) funerals of anyone connected to homosexuality or the armed forces (wait, what?) in any way (see also: Heath Ledger, the female Marine and her baby who were murdered, Matthew Shepard back in the day, and so on). Keep in mind also that their website is specifically called "God Hates Fags," hence the name of the march. It'll be in Kansas, so obviously I won't be there, but they're hoping that both gay and straight people show up.

(Is there any way we can get Anonymous involved here?)

Meanwhile, the next Anonymous/Project Chanonlogy COS protest? March 15, 11 am local times.

From fifteensixty: "The writer of Father Ted saw those ['Down with this sort of thing'] signs too."

Man arrested for destroying S.Korea's top treasure.

Yahoo full coverage: The Northern Illinois University Shooting.

See the Falling Spy Satellite; Wait, why are they shooting it down again?

The Science of Fairy Tales.

Ghost-like white stag spotted.

Violinist: Fall fractures $1M fiddle.

Woman Says Being Declared Dead Ruins Life.

Dark May Be King, but Milk Chocolate Makes a Move. I will love this writer forever for the phrase "midnight-black, bittersweet bars with punishing percentages of cacao," because IT'S TRUE. GAH. I had a bite of an 85% cacao bar once that burned. I can handle "dark milk chocolate," which is actually pretty nifty, but gimme the creamy milky stuff any day. (Irony: I dislike white chocolate and cannot see the point in it.)

Six-word memoirs by writers famous and obscure. Okay, I love Jimmy "Wikipedia" Wales'.

I am deeply grossed out by this product and yet I feel that I may need a set ASAP. They're gross in the way that a used Biore strip is gross, I guess. Also, the soles of my feet feel all squirmy now. ETA: Aaaaaand it's a scam. I feel marginally less oogy now.

'Spamalot' musical changes Britney lyric "because we don't laugh at sad people."

Something Positive on Alan Moore.

Well... Darwin's been fully revealed by Hasbro. Although I am also enjoying "Clovie" as a nickname. Also: now we know why they didn't reveal the entire monster in the movie. Because... it is not greater than the sum of its parts, let's put it that way. (Also: MOAR HUD. And where are the parasite accessories?)

(Sister Girl, who initially declared that she would totally fork over the cash for one: "Ninety-nine ninety-nine for that? That's ghetto. Make it life-size and we'll talk.")

I drink your Oscar promo--I think I'd already mentioned the There Will Be Blood milkshake press coupons, but here we also find out 1) what the context of the line is (I haven't seen many of the Oscar movies), 2) that the line actually comes from a 1924 Congressional hearing, and 3) Paul Thomas Anderson loves the "There Will Be Milkshakes" video ("It’s completely insane and hilarious. It’s crazy what people latch onto").

Hey, did you notice that there was a really blatant, kind-of-lame shot of an American flag in the Indiana Jones trailer? Well, it wasn't supposed to be there. And a whole bunch of guns were. See the original version of the trailer here. Also, Cate Blanchett is hot for Harrison Ford.

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