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Hippo birdy two ewes!

So today is the day of the birth of the Mama of the Cleo! It is also her sister's (my aunt's) birthday. However, my aunt (her sister) is five years younger. Yeah... we don't really know how that happened, exactly. I mean, at least Sister Girl and I were born seven years and three days apart. Anyway, that's what I'm doing this evening: dinner, chocolate roulage, and presents. Remind me to tell you tomorrow what I watched on TCM today.

Linkspam catch-up:

eBay seller boycott to start Monday (today). Dammit, why didn't I sell my LOTR collectibles before things got stupid? I mean, I still haven't put them up, but...

Guilty plea in 'Waitress' actress/director Adrienne Shelly's NYC slaying; Adrienne Shelly's Murderer Gets 25 Years.

Lohan recreates nude Monroe photo shoot.

Sex gossip Web site starts student backlash.

In Case You Thought About Growing A Beard, Watch This, JACK.

Where You Going With That Monet?

The first lolproposal; vampire kitties are getting nervous; i nap periodically (think about it...).

Scientists find ‘Devil Toad’ fossil.

Giant Squids Invade The Dead Zones Of California.

xkcd: How it Works (it's true).

This Site Full Of Leaked Documents Is So Good, The Government Just Broke The Constitution To Shut It Down.

A truly breathtaking rant from John Scalzi about why Andrew Burt should not be elected SFWA president. As Patrick Nielsen Hayden comments at the link, "However the SFWA election plays out, a lot of people will wind up with the vague impression that John is a hothead whose position defines one extreme of a controversy. Whereas, in fact, on the substantive issues that have recently roiled the organization, John is very much a moderate." It's the kind of situation that makes you want to write a sci-fi/fantasy novel for the sole purpose of qualifying for the organization and joining it, so you can then resign from it in disgust. It's that bad.

How To Tell When The Fans Are Killing Science Fiction.

"There was a young author named Gaiman / Whose books were beloved of the layman...."

David Bowie Sings With ScarJo. Did I mention she's done an album of Tom Waits covers?

Wal-Mart Chooses Blu-ray; Toshiba to Dump HD DVD?

Depp, Law, Farrell to finish Ledger’s last movie; Mattel Releases World's Most Awkward Figurine; The Dichotomy Of Heath Ledger: Saint, Sinner Or Both?

James Bond Caught in Real Life Gang War. NOT THE PRETTY! DON'T HURT THE PRETTY!

Gains on Wrapping the Watchmen Filming; Producer Herb Gains' Heartfelt Watchmen Thank You.

New Watchmen Hints, Plus Batman and Wolverine Spoilers [Morning Spoilers].

'The Dark Knight' Meets 'The Animatrix.'

Dozens of Prince Caspian Toys Unveiled at NY Toy Show; Interviews Ben Barnes.

NECA's Newest Harry Potter Toys; Mattel's Dark Knight , Speed Racer and Panda Toys; Hasbro Previews G.I. Joe, Hulk, Iron Man, Indy & Clone Wars; Toy Fair: Up Close And Personal With The ‘Indiana Jones’ Crystal Skull.

HD links to the untampered Indiana Jones trailer. Also, I am so relieved to find someone else who didn't think the trailer was all that good.

Ryan Reynolds Joins 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' as Deadpool?; More X-Men Origins: Wolverine Updates: Stryker Casting and The Blob.

More 'Twilight' Cast Confirmed; Ever Dreamt Of Being A ‘Twilight’ Character? Now You Can!; Will 'Twilight' Be The New 'Harry Potter'? And Why Do We Care?

Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page: Psycho Pair of 'Peacock.'

Diablo Cody, meet "Diablo Quotey."

Jonathan Pryce to play president in G.I. Joe; First Look at Quaid as Hawk in 'G.I. Joe.'

Jumper Director Talks About Ideas for a Sequel; Eminem almost starred in ‘Jumper.’ Okay, I actually would have paid to see that.

First image of Isla Fisher in 'Shopaholic.' I didn't say it was a good one; I just said it was the first.

First Look: 'Where the Wild Things Are.'

First Look: Richard Kelly's 'The Box.'

First Look: Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan in 'Eagle Eye.'

First Look At Sulu's Away Mission Suit? Uh, also with John Cho in it.

'The Love Guru' Poster Has Huge Nonsensical Euphemism.

Another Full Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Happening.'

New 'Incredible Hulk' Photos.

John Landis Directing 'Ghoulishly Yours.'

Rumor: Is Will Ferrell Bringing Anchorman Back?

What Movie Remake Are You Dreading Most? [Poll] (Related: 22 film remakes dramatically different from the originals.)

Peter Greenaway Plans to Animate DaVinci's 'Last Supper.'

New 'WALL-E' Image; Wall-E Meets Peter Gabriel.

First Look at the Big Screen Smurfs. Really? We're doing this now?

ETA: Breaking local news: If you grew up in the Jefferson County (AL) school system and have fond memories of band director Pat Morrow, you may want to send him a get-well card--apparently he's in ICU, having a third stint put in tomorrow, after a heart attack he had last night.

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