Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

This is so silly, but I'm getting worried about my wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow. Nothing is going to happen to me. But crazy shit happens all the time--people die of complications from anesthesia, etc. I almost want to write out sort of an internet will--well, we all should probably do that anyway. You know, a list of accounts and passwords so that if something happened, a family member/friend could at least go through and tell your online friends what happened.

Nothing is going to happen. Stop being silly. The worst thing that's going to happen is that you get dry socket or something.

I know, I know.

I am going through and updating the Digest one more time, though, just to clear the news backlog a bit. I know it's bad updating once a week as it is, but it's still better than once a month.

Update: Thanks for all the good wishes. I did go and write up an "internet will," mostly because I realized I had a ton of accounts that deduct nominal fees on a monthly basis, and my mother would want to shut those down--or keep paying them, depending. After all, I don't have to be dead for this to be useful--what if I broke one or both arms? For whatever reason, I couldn't get to the computer? I'd want someone to know how to take care of things while I was incapacitated. Sort of a grim job, but I do feel a little better now that it's done. Besides, I've always believed in overpreparing precisely so that things don't happen.

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