Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Oscars, part 9

"There was a... there was a small technical glitch, so we're going to... have to restart the show." Well, God knows we have the time!

Here's Penelope Cruz (IN BLACK) with Best Foreign Film. Aaaaand the Holocaust movie, The Counterfeiters, wins. Am I just too cynical? This is, by the way, the first Austrian film to win an Oscar, according to our winner, and it's fitting, because the Nazis drove so many of their filmmakers out (he says. I mean, I believe him; I'm just saying that I don't just know these magical facts off the top of my head).

And here's Patrick Dempsey, the appeal of whom I don't really get, presenting the last Enchanted song, "So Close." Is that actual Amy Adams dancing down there? Because it's (obviously) not actual Patrick Dempsey. Very nice lavender dress either way. Wow, one of the dancers had, like, a jeweled earmuff crown. I kind of wasn't expecting that.

Here's John Travolta, as the dancers leisurely waltz their way offstage, to present the winner. Very nicely done. And of course all the Enchanted songs cancel each other out and Once wins. Which I'm kind of glad of, because outside the context of the movie? The Enchanted songs really aren't that great. "Make art! Make art!" urges Glen Hansard. Also, "All the people we have to thank, you know who you are, so we don't have to say them!" Despite that, it's mostly a very sweet speech. "Wow," says Jon Stewart. "That guy is SO ARROGANT." Okay, I laughed out loud because I really have heard that, although he was obviously being sarcastic. Also, Stewart announces that someone's left their Boeing's lights on out on La Brea, and John Travolta comes running through towards the parking lot. Heh.

Uh oh, Hilary Swank's up next, and I've heard now that she really is presenting the Death March. Tissues!

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