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Hmm. Not very impressed by my performance liveblogging. Kind of boring, much like the show. But it's my job, as it were, to make it entertaining regardless. All I know is, there was a point when I was struggling to describe the look on Cate Blanchett's face when she saw her own Best Actress clip, and the word I actually wanted was "embarrassed" (such an exotic word, that), but my brain was blinking like a printer run out of ink. Ah well--there's always next year.

So today, I had a day off dogsitting and had my semi-annual hair appointment, and now I feel human again. (It's a bit shorter than I wanted, but I knew I had to have a massive split-endectomy, so it's not shorter than I expected, which is a crucial difference.) I would have liked to have gone all out and had a spa day with a pedicure and a massage or something, but then, I would also like a pony, and I don't see one of those on the doorstep either. But I had a day where I refused to try to do anything productive, which was nice. Nonetheless, I present you today with Oscarspam, because it's time-sensitive and I don't know that anyone will care by the time I get my ass back in gear with the linkspam proper.

Oscars are a TV ratings dud.

Hollywood reduced to supporting role at Oscars; Americans Can't Even Act In Movies Anymore: "For the first time since 1965, none of the four acting honors went to Americans, and several winners gave their acceptance speeches in languages other than English."

Governors Ball spreads the love among Oscar winners.

Oscars: the backstage action. A must-read if you want to know what the winners said in the press room (''I am totally overwhelmed with joy and sparkles and fireworks!''; "George is just so incredibly generous. He's a great guy, really. I had to kiss someone. I kissed my wife, and in the interests in parity, I kissed him too").

Why Brad Renfro Was Cut From Oscar Tribute.

Whoopi sad over Oscar montage snub.

Exclusive: The Truth Behind Diablo Cody's Missing Million Dollar Shoes [DiabloShoeGate]. I don't know--I'm tired of hearing about Juno, but she seems fun, and her speech seemed genuine. This whole diamond shoe thing is just kind of weird.

Go Fug Yourself's Oscar entries. (Note: The earliest 2008 entry is the Tilda Swinton one. Everything below that is 2007.)

Oscars 2008: Top Ten Best Dressed Women; Oscar Ladies in Red; "Fishy" Is Fabulous: Oscar Fashion 2008 [The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly].

Biggest Oscar Moment: Marion Cotillard Acceptance Speech (video); Oscars in Rewind: Falling Slowly Provides Best Oscar Moment (video); 'Once' Actress Markéta Irglová's Wonderful Oscar Acceptance Speech (video).

Another Way Vanity Fair Could Respect Writers [Quote Of The Day]. If you missed the Jon Stewart monologue in particular.

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