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Quick check-in

I'm hearing we might have some snow come in, but other than that, the storm last night wasn't so bad. A lot of wind, a lot of rain, no actual tornado here--nothing worse than a dinged-up patio swing. (Seriously, it's a free-standing swing with a canvas cover, and the cover is now blown all to hell.) I did lose the internet for a while, but it was back by this morning.

In a completely unrelated event, by the way, my keyboard and mouse fell over dead for no particular reason (when I rebooted as an attempt to figure out what was wrong: "KEYBOARD FAILURE"), so I'm currently working on borrowed spares. Boo.

A smattering of linkspam so I don't get too far behind:

"I pretended to be half-Indian and a drug runner, but it was based on real experiences, really!"; Woman Not Actually Raised By Wolves, Did In Fact Have A Hard Life. Yes, these are in fact two separate fake memoirs busted within one week.

Scientology has decided to frame Anonymous protesters with... firebombings?

Via GCB: "Everyone is playing Scrabulous and Hasbro is pissed."

Ralph Fiennes Not in Half-Blood Prince; Unsigned Yet to Return as Voldemort for "Deathly Hallows"; Streaking Is Believing During Half-Blood Prince Filming; 'Harry Potter' Is Addictive, Study Concludes. "An addiction to a drug is no different than an addiction to Harry Potter or the Internet or pornography. Although it's not always a bad thing. There's a community that you get with Harry Potter that you don't get with heroin."

Disney To Release 'Tron 2' and 'Pirates 4' in 2011?

New Movie, Same Jacket -- New 'Wolverine' Still; Schreiber 'Nails' His Role as Sabretooth in 'Wolverine'; 'Wolverine' Loses Young Logan to 'The Road.'

Rumor: Is Djimon Hounsou 'The Black Panther'?

Rose Byrne Joins Nicolas Cage in 'Knowing' the Future. No! Noooo! Don't make me go see a Nicolas Cage movie for her! Noooo!

Lohman Replaces Page in Raimi's 'Hell.'

Jason Isaacs Joins Paul Greengrass Thriller.

Neve Campbell Becomes Vivaldi's Courtesan.

New Stills from "The Life Before Her Eyes." In which I realize that I still get Alison Lohman and Evan Rachel Wood confused.

New Fedora-Styled 'Nim's Island' Stills.

Butler Voices Watchmen's 'Tales of the Black Freighter.'

Coens' 'Burn After Reading' Coming in September.

'Breakfast Club' Becoming Latest Terrible Remake.

Pegg Confirms No Involvement in American 'Spaced.'

Fall Out Boy And Seth Green(?!?) Team Up For Amish-Flavored ‘Sex Drive.’

Let Your Eyes Bleed with the 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead' Teaser.

Sam Jackson Disappointed He’s Not In ‘Indiana Jones’; Uwe Boll Wants to Take Down Indiana Jones?!? "What's worse: delusions of grandeur or delusions of adequacy?"

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