Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

A weird and woozy day

I had a very strange dream yesterday afternoon while sleeping off a big lunch from Zoe's. Something about a wolf that was chasing me, and it started out as a cub but it got bigger and bigger over the course of the dream, and everywhere I went (I'm talking, like, downtown here. At one point I was hiding in a restaurant, and at another point a maze-like clutch of tiny rooms with sofas and Greek statuary in an oddly-well-lit college basement, and there was a particularly scary part in an alley) it would run straight for me every time it saw me, even though it was having plenty of fun eating other people, and I spent the whole dream running away until finally it caught up with me and I realized that because I was the first person it had seen, it thought I was its mother, and it didn't want to hurt me at all. And then there was some dramatic denouement where I was driving through a fifteen-foot snowdrift to get back to My Wolf who was dying of... something. I don't know, grief or loneliness or not being allowed to eat people anymore, I guess. And I found it and hugged it and then I started wiping off my neck and all kinds of gore started coming off, which was kind of horrifying, and then I realized I had saved the wolf by letting it drink blood from my neck. Or something. But the gore wasn't actually real, it just had to be wiped off and I wasn't really hurt. I... don't know. I cannot discount the idea that Scout came up and started licking me while I was asleep during that last part. I won't even go into the part about how me and the Animal Control lady started trying to get the wolf to a zoo and the... director (?) of the zoo drove off without us, because it just gets weird and disjointed at that point. Yes, that point.

Patrick Swayze Has Cancer, Weeks To Live?; Breaking: Patrick Swayze 'Has Five Weeks To Live' Due To Spread Of Pancreatic Cancer; Mystery Surrounds Swayze Cancer Battle; Swayze's Doctor Speaks. Whoa. I'm having a hard time believing this isn't some kind of hoax, although apparently his rep confirmed it. On the other hand: who wanted to believe what happened to Heath Ledger?

Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax dies. My favorite memorial so far, from Penny Arcade.

Wikipedia founder's private troubles go public, in which Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales apparently broke up with a Canadian journalist via Wikipedia, and is also using the site to retcon any mention of its co-founder. Defamer's more irreverent take: The Last Temptation Of Jimbo Christ: A Non-Nerd Cheatsheet To The Wikipedia Founder's Downfall.

Memoirgate: The Fallout Continues. Oh, snap--I hadn't even heard of the third memoir that got busted.

Low Book Sales Force Comic Memoirist David Sedaris Into The Pizza-Delivery Sector [Dress Your Pizza In Pepperoni And Mushroom].

U.N. Drug Panel Takes On Celebrities.

Yahoo Seeks Way to Block Microsoft.

Facebook Hires Google Executive as No. 2.

Scrabulous Founders Seek Payday. "So how much do they want? Citing an anonymous source, Silicon Alley suggests the brothers are holding out for several tens of millions of dollars." You know, for an application derived from material they don't own. Ew.

Editors' Pathetic Attempts To Fact Check Lying Author [Margaret Seltzer]; The consequences of the 'Love and Consequences' hoax.

Six-legged octopus discovered.

"Also, I respect a woman who organizes her fridge so well."

Mom cat prepares to get that smudge; Bring me Solo... and a cookie.

Dave McKean's sketches for the cover of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book; the sketch they're going to end up using.

Potential changes to 'Doctor Who' and 'Torchwood' that I do not think will make people very happy.

Physicists Say 'Lost' Features Realistic Time Travel.

Spielberg launching social network for UFO and paranormal buffs?

J. K. Rowling Only Author on 2008 Forbes Billionaire List; Rumors on Dan Radcliffe "Death Threat" False.

More Prince Caspian Actors Found; New Prince Caspian Promotional Pictures! In which Susan is unusually foxy.

'Quantum of Solace' Production Moves To Chile.

More X Files Set Photos Online.

Confirmed: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Cobra Commander. One of the commenters here posted that he was going to, and whoever you are, you were totally right.

Official Cloverfield Movie Monster Figure Collectible. With a little clip of the roar! Also: Secrets Of The CGI In Cloverfield. Somewhat related: Detailed Military Specs On How To Stop A Rampaging Monster In Your Town.

First Look: Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks in 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'; First Look: Ben Stiller's 'Tropic Thunder.'

Cameron Diaz on the set of "My Sister's Keeper."

Cusack and Goodman in Fisher's 'Shopaholic.'

Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter Own the New 'Last House on the Left.' Oh, ew--good people in a remake that's destined to be double-plus unpleasant in its quest to top the original.

David Gordon Green Confirms ‘Suspiria’ Remake.

More in 'Race to Witch Mountain.'

Fivesome Aboard Rogue's 'Unborn.'

Alternate 'I Am Legend' Ending Leaked to the Net. It's not quite the book ending, but it's more in that direction.

The Trailer For The Three-Year-Delayed Onion Movie. Yes, as in The Onion.

Conan the Barbarian -- Djimon Hounsou's Dream Project?

No 'Dragonball' Movie this Year. Because sometimes, Our God is a Merciful God.

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