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"No, that's not a hallucination. That pear tree is wearing a sweater"

So. Massive catch-up linkspam. Watched the Eliot Spitzer resignation press conference (well, "conference"; he didn't take any questions. Didn't actually seem contrite, either); nearly finished with the prostitution section of Mayhew's London Underworld. Watched American Idol and its 2000 mentions of Horton Hears a Who; did not think Jim Carrey had any dignity left to lose, but was proven wrong. Lexicon saga still ongoing. Also, my poor grandmother has come down with shingles, woe.

Scientology Seeks Restraining Order Against Anonymous. Just a note: the next wave of protests is scheduled for Saturday. Keep your eyes open and be safe, guys, if they're really trying to set you up the firebomb.

From Fandom Lounge and a few of y'all as well: "Melissa Kern, a very well-known organizer in the Lord of the Rings fandom in Atlanta has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS. Her husband has started a petition to have her cast in the upcoming Hobbit movies as an extra, since the typical ALS survival rate beyond a few years is very low. Information can be found here. There are already 1,000 signatures on the petition, including some people very well-known in Tolkien fandom, such as Ted Nasmith, Daniel Falconer, and Peter S. Beagle. Thanks everyone for looking."

ETA: No new free (i.e., ad-free) LJ accounts. More in the 6A Cornfield post discussing the actual LJ News post, which neglected to mention this fact.

Note on the following items: Margaret B. Jones and Margaret/Peggy Seltzer are the same person. Feminist Scholar, Duped by Margaret Jones, Hopes You'll Still Take Her Seriously; Margaret Jones Punditry Devolves Into Farce; Margaret Seltzer Fooled Even Her Friends; Peggy Seltzer Can't Be Blamed on One Editor; Everybody Signed Off on Margaret Jones, Not Just Riverhead; Why Book Reviewers Let Margaret Jones Slide; Where'd Peggy Seltzer Get Her Material?; Did Margaret Seltzer watch too much of The Shield and The Wire ?; JT Leroy's Legacy Blown Out of Proportion?; What If Your (True) Memoir is So Good That Nobody Believes It? Yeah... that was an actual spam there. Sorry about that--it happens when you've got five days to catch up on.

Chuck Norris the only WMD in Iraq, say U.S. troops.

Do trees get cold? Ohio knitters make one big sweater. "No, that's not a hallucination. That pear tree is wearing a sweater."

Molecular necklaces. I so want the creativity necklace. And the theobromide earrings.

Pardon me, good sir. Has u any wood to chuck?

Hobbit or human? New doubts raised.

The Problem With '1,000 True Fans.'

Jodie Foster stalker arrested after bomb threats.

Samantha Morton Reveals Secret Trauma of Stroke. I knew Morton was hardcore, but... wow.

Swayze is 'unflappable' in cancer battle.

The Rocketeer Has Left the Building [RIP Dave Stevens].

Guest Appearance By Angel Of Sitcom Death Britney Spears Bad Sign For 'How I Met Your Mother.'

'Door Slammed' On US TV Star Laurie.

Blanchett Does Blanche DuBois.

The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth Available on iTunes.

Official: Two Parts for Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Movie, David Yates to Direct Both Films; Matt Lewis Talks Neville and "Deathly Hallows"; Sectumsempra: Where To Cut ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’? I'm just so happy that it's not Chris Columbus or some hotshot big-name auteur who wants to barge in and do The Last Potter Movie that I don't care that Cuarón isn't doing it. (For all of you prepared to wail and gnash that you hated Yates' OOTP because of what it changed or left out: with two DH movies, this is likely not going to be a problem anymore.)

(You know what might be interesting? If they gave each movie a different subtitle, rather than just Part One and Part Two. Using a chapter title, maybe, like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Elder Wand, or something.)

Okay, I think I was asleep at the wheel when I first posted a link to the Tropic Thunder preview, because... that's Robert Downey Jr. there in blackface. '' 'If it's done right, it could be the type of role you called Peter Sellers to do 35 years ago,' Downey says. 'If you don't do it right, we're going to hell.' " (Related: 'Tropic Thunder' Humorless Teaser Trailer.)

New Dark Knight Photos; Exclusive Photos: ‘The Dark Knight’ Movie Collectibles From DC Comics (oh, wow); Harvey Dent Asks You to Take Some Pictures, Visit Dentmobile; Aaron Eckhart Talks Up Two Face; How To Make a Schizophrenic -- Nolan's Two Face Trick; Will Heath Ledger Win A Posthumous Oscar? I actually thought last fall that he could get a Supporting Actor nomination; now that he's gone, it looks even more likely, although of course it'll depend on 1) what the actual Joker performance turns out to be like and 2) what other performances are in play.

(Related: Terry Gilliam Confirms Depp, Law, and Farrell in 'Parnassus.' Also, reaching new heights of tackiness, Esquire Writes Heath Ledger's Fake Memoir.)

Singer Confirms Superman Sequel; Next Superman Movie Will Have Actual Superheroics.

Hi-Res Iron Man and Indy 4 Posters.

Iron Man to Open Early? New Indy Trailer.

'Quantum of Solace' Website Updated; Quantum of Solace Cancels Machu Picchu Shoot; Paul Haggis On Directing A Bond Film (sigh); Tom Ford Dresses 007 For 'Quantum of Solace'; Daniel Craig Given Personal Gym On Bond Set At Pinewood.

The Golden Compass: Shoo-In for Shallow Sequels? While selling seashells by the seashore?

Exclusive: 'The Life Before Her Eyes' Poster.

Cloverfield DVD Special Features?; Cloverfield Spawns a Crop of Indie Monster Flicks.

Brendan Gleeson Picks Up Last Lead Role in Greengrass Thriller.

Paramount & Raimi Live in a 'Monster Zoo.'

John Lithgow and More Join 'Shopaholic'; Hugh Dancy and Isla Fisher onset.

Sandler, Rogen and Mann in Apatow's Next.

Vincent Gallo joins Javier Bardem in new Coppola movie.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is (still) Lana Turner. Wait... how is that going to work, again?

Jim Sturgess on 'Spiderman: The Musical.'

Eager for King Arthur Revisionism? Here Comes 'Galahad.' Shallow but honest answer: it depends on how hot an actor they cast for Galahad.

John Cho says playing ‘Trek’s’ Sulu is daunting; ‘Harold & Kumar’ go to SXSW film fest.

Del Toro Covered in Blood for 'Wolf Man.'

'Mummy 3' Star Maria Bello Talks About Taking Over For Rachel Weisz, Fighting An Invisible Baddie; There Will "Absolutely Be" 'The Mummy 4.'

trailer_spot: Wanted, Meet Bill, Flight of the Red Balloon, My Blueberry Nights, I Am Legend, Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Full-Length 'WALL-E' Trailer.

Exclusive ‘Incredible Hulk’ Trailer Plus Brand New Photos; Creative 'Hulk' Differences Make Norton Smash! Norton Crash! Norton Bash!

Two New Internationally Epilepsy-Inducing 'Speed Racer' Trailers.

New Trailer for Liv Tyler's 'The Strangers.'

Corey Feldman Premieres ‘Lost Boys 2’ Trailer, Fantasizes About Trilogy.

'Meet Bill' Poster Looks Pensively Familiar.

Twi-Hards, Twilighters Or Something Else? Vote Now And Tell Us! Look, come back to me after you've heard the woeful tales of the Trekkies Trekkers, guys.

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