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Sunday evening already. Again.

Omg I have so many things to catch up on. Not even linkspam per se (but also that), just things people have sent or left for me. So!

>> Scrap Girls have a free daily newsletter. In that newsletter, every day, they give away a digital scrapbooking freebie of some sort--a background, an "embellishment," whatever. And they always post a sample layout using that freebie. The St. Patrick's layout... well, it was late and they were froggy tired. Heh.

More importantly, sturmclan made a steampunk scrapbooking kit for me! *pets brocades*

>> More Lexicon updates.

>> Re: 10,000 BC: You. Bettah. WERK.

>> Help meandstuff out (omg I've had this flagged to post since February): Does anyone know the name of this movie?

>> So, how did the Scientology raids go? (I swear, I feel like Miracle Max each month: "Have fun storming the castle!") From solle at Operation Mock on JF:
The Amsterdam raid went incredibly well, actually. We weren't allowed to protest outside the org (bastard stole our spot), but we set up headquarters in on of the most crowded streets in the city. Signs in every tree, picnic tables with cake and balloons, Rick Astley music in the background and hundreds of Anon handing out thousands of flyers.

At one point, donations were asked to buy more flyers and cake - in literally less than one minute we managed to raise over 120 Euro.

The Scilon protest on the other side of the street was officially "against drugs". (Yes, really. A drug protest in the middle of Amsterdam, right across from Anonymous. I wish I was kidding.) They didn't even bother pretending they were "Narconon", and most tourists either ignored them or just lol'd.

Also, on our way back we dropped by the org to let them know we're never gonna give them up.

("They kept rickrolling me! It was only fair.")

Also: LA had an Anonyplane; DC had unstealthy Scieno private investigators. SF: "ANONYMOUS IS LEGION!" "Anonymous is cold!" "Anonymous's feet hurt!" Unfortunately: Arrests in Atlanta. (The plot thickens: Dekalb cops anonymously protest Dekalb police chief.) Meanwhile, "As of Friday Night/Saturday morning, there is now proof that the version of the 'Elite Anonymous' video ['threatening to use nitro bombs and kill some guy named Heber Jentzch'] on Scientology's DVD couldn't have possibly been taken from YouTube. The quality is so good, it is obvious Scientology had its own copy."

>> Terry Pratchett donates $1 million to Alzheimer's research; Match it For Pratchett! Raising £500,000 for Alzheimer's research. And via Neil Gaiman: "Also, I think I have slipped into a parallel universe in which everything is reversed. The Sun accurately reports everything that Terry said, while the Daily Telegraph sexes it up and tries to make it controversial." Also: Discworld "Luggage" prop on eBay for Alzheimer's.

>> More linkspam:

China declares "people's war" to control Tibet; Tibet protests spread across China; Dalai Lama: 'Cultural genocide' by China; Chinese seethe on Web over Tibet; Tibet: China blocks YouTube, protests spread, bloggers react. Because I'd just read an article about China's preparations for the Olympics in Vanity Fair, my first thought was "Oh God, how terrible." But my second thought was, "This is maybe not the best idea if they're so concerned about their public image."

Hiker killer hatched '95 murder movie plot.

"Wacked-out monster, or viral video promotion for Travelocity's 'Roaming Gnome'?" AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!

Arizona city seeks moat to secure Mexico border. I guess... that would be one way to handle it.

Bomb squad detonates suspicious turnip.

Spacewalkers resort to banging, pry bar. Wait, they resort to what?

Police say rosaries are newest gang symbol.

A Steampunk Dalek Model; Steampunk Lego mecha.

"Death by Ploot Ploot"?

NOM proof glass; Papercraft ceiling-cat; Ceiling Cat guides the hand of man to write LOLBible ("lolcat bible… now almost complete").

The life and death of Stefen Colbear.

Margaret Atwood penning poet opera. Actually, the original post's headline is what caught my eye...

CBS chief: Please kill 'American Idol.'

'The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience' (July 18) "marks the first time ever that a major feature film has been even partially shot using IMAX cameras, marking a revolutionary integration of the two film formats"; Video Interview: Bale talks about 'Dark Knight', Two-Face and 'Terminator'; Harvey Dent's Dentmobile Schedule Released - Vote for Harvey Dent!; Ledger's Joker Makes Dramatic Entrance. The opening scene in question seems to be the one that was screened in front of I Am Legend in IMAX, by the way.

David Heyman Talks Harry Potter Split; New Interview with Fenrir Greyback Actor Dave Legeno; New set being built at Leavesden; Naomi Watts Still Waiting By Phone For 'Harry Potter' Offer. Awww. I don't think anyone's told her about the Brits for Brit Roles rule yet...

Prince Caspian Advance Tickets Now on Sale; David Arnold Talks Dawn Treader; HarperCollins' New Prince Caspian Facebook Page; Prince Caspian toys reviewed (thanks, annlarimer!); Tilda Swinton Insists She’s Not In 'Narnia' Sequel ("They have my image in their computer bank. They can do whatever they want." Aww, they didn't even ask her to come back and do it herself?).

More 'Quantum of Solace' Photos: James Bond And Elvis.

The New 'Mummy' Poster.

Hulk's Louis Leterrier Explains the Trailer; Ask AdFreak: Why a second Hulk movie?; Dissatisfied With The Work Of The Paparazzi, Ed Norton Demands To Take His Own Photo.

'X-Files' Movie Wraps -- And We've Been Punked; 'X-Files 2' Kiss Was a Hoax? Supposedly the point of filming the scene was "to confuse fans," and it certainly confused me, as I couldn't figure out why they were bothering when the two characters already had, oh, A KID TOGETHER.

Rachel Weisz & Max Minghella Head to Ancient Egypt. "More specifically, Weisz will play the astrologer-philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria, in Roman Egypt during the fourth century. 'Trapped in the Library of Alexandria as religious riots flare on the city's streets, Hypatia battles to save the collected wisdom of the ancient world. Meanwhile, her slave Davus (Minghella) is torn between his love for his mistress and the freedom he could attain by joining the rising tide of Christianity.' " If I give you ten bucks, can I have a ticket now?

Steven Spielberg to Direct the First 'Tintin' Film.

Brad Bird Heads for Live-Action Earthquakes in '1906.'

Dakota Fanning's controversial 'Hounddog' Finally Gets Release Date.

Q'Orianka Kilcher: Barbarian Princess. 1) Ew, they could stand to change that title. 2) She's Jewel's second cousin? Huh.

Accused misogynist Frank Miller Loves Tough Girls: "I love writing tough, powerful women." "And he has set out to do just that with one chick specifically -- Ellen Dolan, love interest of the title character [The Spirit ]. The character has proved to be a challenge, a weak stereotype of the age in which she was created. Miller calls her 'a lousy character' and complains, '[The Spirit] even tossed her over his knee and spanked her. And she took it. Ellen Dolan made Donna Reed look like Angelina Jolie.' "

Rhona Mitra is the Next Death-Dealing Diva.

The horror setting that terrifies you the most ("It puts the comments in the comment basket, below"); What Scifi Dream World Would You Rather Be Trapped Inside? [Poll].

Stealth Marketing Campaign for "Shutter" Promotes Bullshit Science.

Kevin Tancharoen Will Helm 'Fame' Remake.

"A New RoboCop Movie? Really?"

Will Gingerdead Man 2 achieve optimum trashiness? I'm going to take a flying leap here and say YES.

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