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Does this mean I've lost my wisdom?

Fnarr. Am home, and trying to gum/slurp various inoffensive foods, if for no other reason than that the pain meds'll cause nausea if I don't. Also because I'm starving. So there's also that. And the pain meds are not working fast/hard enough, as far as I'm concerned. Three WT came out like angels; the lower left had to be cut out a bit, so I probably will puff up like a chipmunk, but not until about Wednesday, Dr. Buck says.

Apparently, my first words in the recovery room when I woke up were, "What the shit is this?"

P.S. I have a surprise over at dailydigest for Lemony Snicket fans. Just put it this way: a webmistress's work is never done. :)
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