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In which I am a teensy bit manic

A sleepy day. Gave the dogs haircuts, because they had lost their faces. Struggling through some of the later Sherlock Holmes stories, because, while I love them, "The Adventure of the Three Gables" is just bad. Next up is "The Sussex Vampire," though, and I'm really excited because I've actually never read the last collection of Holmes stories, so they're all new to me.

Hey, linkspam is pretty easy when you keep it daily and manageable. Huh.

Film director Jules Dassin dies at 96.

Jazz singer Nancy Wilson hospitalized. Not Nancy Wilson of Heart, to be clear.

(Speaking of Heart, since we're here anyway, I have to say, I am all about Carly Smithson's American Idol cover of "Crazy on You" at the moment. She seems to be suffering from some confidence problems here mid-season, but earlier this year she tore the walls down on "Crazy on You." And I can't help but root for her because she consistently picks songs I love, although I wish I had a studio recording of "I Drove All Night," because she's a little shaky in the live version. Be confident, Atreyu Carly!)

(And since I haven't mentioned it before--if you follow American Idol, you may have heard of the Great Billie Jean Brouhaha. For the record, Ryan Seacrest did say "And now, here's David Cook with the mumbly-mumble version of 'Billie Jean'!" I turned to my mother (shut up, we watch Idol together) and cried out, "Did he say Chris Cornell?!" Because there is only one distinct cover arrangement of "Billie Jean" that I know of, particularly one that Cook would want to get his Creed on with, and that's the one. So it was acknowledged at the beginning of the performance that it was someone else's arrangement. It just wasn't acknowledged as audibly as it should have been, and--more to the point--the judges either didn't hear Seacrest or they're idiots, because they proceeded to rave over David Cook's "originality." I actually really liked the performance--it's a bit smoother than Cornell's, or at least the live Cornell version that I heard--but it got my back up a bit when Simon said it was "the most original performance ever" on the show, because that title will pretty much always belong to Blake Lewis's beatbox arrangement of "You Give Love a Bad Name." Which was his own, and completely unique--although yes, I totally admit that it wasn't the first time he'd done it, and he wore the beatbox thing into the ground by the end of the season, but for that moment in time, it was mind-blowing. ANYWAY. I do think the David Cook "Billie Jean" was great [the live performance is actually better than the studio cut], and actually pretty brave for a show like Idol--most of the controversy could have been avoided if the judges hadn't had their heads up their collective ass regarding who to credit. Which I think was Chris Cornell's own problem with the situation, not the cover itself. Anyway: now you know.)

Fire damages author Clancy's home.

KYLIE HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT? omg I am so excited.

The new Sweet Valley High books are already leaving a sour taste.

What Copyright Ruling Really Means For Superman.

Newsweek: Patrick Stewart loves his Trekkies.

McShane Joins NBC's 'Kings' Cast.

The '80s Stay Alive for BBC Time Travel Drama "Ashes to Ashes."

Daniel Craig Is GQ's Best Dressed Man... Again.

Howard Shore scoring 'The Hobbit'?

Disney Preparing to Dump Chronicles of Narnia After the Trilogy? UPDATED! Short answer: Despite rumors to the contrary, no.

Latest on The Dark Knight Viral - Clown Travel Agency and April 1st News!

Overwrought Monster Opera coming soon! YAY! Of course, if they don't get a move on, some of us may just rip it off the movie credits on the DVD. HURRY UUUUUUP.

'X-Men 4?' Probably Not. Well, now I'm just sad--X3 was a crap way to go out.

Keanu Reeves Says He Turned Down ‘Watchmen’ And ‘Speed Racer’ Roles.

20 scariest movies ever.

The Asylum Unveils Mandatory 'Indiana Jones' Knock-Off.

Jason Segel Reveals New Muppets Movie Details.

Exclusive 'Twilight' Set Photos.

Rumor of the Moment: Madonna Wants to Remake 'Casablanca'... set in Iraq. You know what, that's not actually all that terrible an idea. I mean, love triangle, old flames, war-torn country that's hard to get out of: it's a basic enough formula that I think you could do it. It's Madonna being in it that I have the issue with.

'Fanboys' Protest Fizzles.

'Juno' Gets a Second Disc of B-Sides.

Gigs Off the Big Screen -- Johnny's Condoms and Kiefer's Music Video. "According to the Daily Star in the UK, [Johnny Depp] has been offered a whopping $10 million to be the face of Trojan condoms. Oh, yes. He's been an advocate of safe sex education, and should he agree to be the face of rubbers, he would appear in 'a series of offbeat TV commercials.' "

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