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Times is hard

Did a lot of Black Ribbon research this weekend, and got really excited about a couple of things I found, and then... the taxes. Woe. That kind of harshed my buzz.

(Do you ever have something really dumb and inconsequential happen, but when it comes on top of something else epically crappy, it's like it's just the cherry on top? Yeah. As I've mentioned before, I'm addicted to Webkinz. Shut up. You play World of Warcraft, I play with animated plushies. Anyhoo, the pink poodle's the pet of the month. I got one. And then it turned out that I'd gotten the little pink poodle and so it didn't count, and therefore I didn't get the special in-game POTM items. Oh, and we've got to come up with $12,000 over the next six months. * Yeah. Completely inconsequential cherry on top.)

* Note: As mentioned in the previous entry, only $6200 of that is taxes. The rest comes from various household things we're paying off.

However, we are now going to drown our sorrows in homemade brownies. Also, I had gotten the 2-disc Sweeney Todd before I realized that we're screwed financially, so I'm clinging to that at the moment.

Massive linkspam:

Charlton Heston, Epic Film Star and Voice of N.R.A., Dies at 84; Charlton Heston's epic acting style defined an era.

Man with suicide victim's heart kills self. "A man who received a heart transplant 12 years ago and later married the donor's widow died the same way the donor did, authorities said: of a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

Harper Collins New Studio to Test New Author Paying System; Bob Miller's New HarperCollins Unit Is Totally Going To Revolutionize Publishing!; Hey, let's start a new book imprint where authors don't get advances and we don't let bookstores return copies! What could possibly go wrong?; Publisher To Take Out Frustrations On You, Your Bookstore, Entire World; Making Light's take.

Dan Simmons' Hyperion Books Will Be Smooshed Together into One Movie.

DNA tests may solve mystery of Anastasia.

Astronomers find new planets, including a baby.

Mich. boy finds 1981 Smithsonian error. "Is fifth-grader Kenton Stufflebeam smarter than the Smithsonian?" I don't know, but I'm pretty sure he goes to Hogwarts.

Pirates seize French luxury yacht.

Mo. seeks to ban kids 'cage fighting.'

Woman bites dog that attacked her dog.

FBI: Parachute isn't hijacker Cooper's.

Ted Turner: global warming could lead to cannibalism.

BBC budget gets drastically slashed; Dis my “hooman before coffee in teh morning” impressionz; so long, n thanks for all the fish; Going to Stop Lex Luthor, BRB; Stand back, Flossie, I'll handle this; six hours of practis a day, four years of music skool and u ask me to “do coldplay.”

Awesome polar bear frolicking; Baby Flocke takes a swim!

Girls Are Pretty: You Think You Know What The Smoke Monster Is Day!; What was in the Dharma Initiative Boxes in Lisbon? [Advertising]

Chris Rock testifies in Hollywood wiretap trial; Pellicano allegedly suggested killing producer; Would-Be Hitman Anthony Pellicano Just Wants His Offers To Kill Quoted Accurately.

Movie talk with Keith Richards.

Bank Roles: 25 'I Did It for the Money' Films. "But perhaps no one was as out of place [in Transformers: The Movie] as the director of Citizen Kane, well into his Paul Masson-shilling decline. Welles wields his gargantuan baritone as the voice of Unicron, a ravenous robot-planet that devours everything in its path. Yes, his last role was a fat joke."

trailer_spot: Hellboy II, Battle in Seattle, Street Kings, Persepolis, Bangkok Dangerous; War Inc, Bangkok Dangerous, Savage Grace, Mongol, Kit Kittredge, Leatherheads.

Report: Two More Characters Cast for "Half-Blood Prince'; "Regulus Black casted? WHAT WHAT? Well, let me tell YOU, internets..."

Latest from Guillermo del Toro on The Hobbit - 'We Are All in Sync.'

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #1; More 'Quantum' Photos Of Daniel Craig And Olga Kurylenko; Extra Interviews Daniel Craig; Olga Kuryenko On Stunts, Bruises And Revenge; Marc Forster Not Planning On Return For 'Bond 23'; USA Today: A 'Quantum' Leap For The James Bond Series; James Bond finds 'Solace' a bit Chile; 'Quantum of Solace' Filming Gatecrashed By Chilean Mayor.

Watchmen Video Journal: Sets and Sensibility.

Switchfoot in Narnia; Adventures in Narnia - Clip 3; Orchestrating Magic in Narnia ... All Over Again; WETA to Capture the Magic of The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (thanks, annlarimer!).

Cloverfield DVD Easter Eggs - Monsters; Another Cloverfield Special Edition?; Cloverfield Alternate Endings.

Kidman and Dench in Talks for 'Nine.'

Newton and Gruffudd Cast in 'W.' Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice. Huh.

Johnny 5 is Alive - 'Short Circuit' Being Remade! Actually, I think this does deserve an exclamation point. Just maybe not in the tone intended.

Clips: New 'Incredible Hulk' Promo; Exclusive Clip: Ellen Page And Thomas Haden Church In ‘Smart People’; Really Creepy Teaser for Fernando Meirelles' 'Blindness' Surfaces.

Images: New 'Get Smart' Pics; 'The Pineapple Express' Poster Hits (James Franco totally cracks me up here, by the way); Red Hot New Pics From Dark Knight And Iron Man! [Morning Spoilers]; 'Tropic Thunder' One-Sheets and Banner; First Look: Matt Damon in Paul Greengrass' 'Green Zone'; EXCLUSIVE: 'Towelhead' Poster Premiere; First Set Photos from Frank Miller's 'The Spirit'; Gorgeous Banner for Frank Miller's 'The Spirit.'

Gordon-Levitt Talks Cobra Commander’s Mask, Lisp; Brendan Fraser and The Rock Join 'G.I. Joe'?

Tobey Maguire to Topline 'Hungry Rabbit.'

Denzel Washington is a Secret Agent Man; Denzel Washington Attached to 'Matarese Circle.'

Billy Crudup Joins 'Public Enemies' Cast. Someone up there loves us, is all I have to say.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Paul Bettany Recover in Tasmania.

Rosamund Pike, Radha Mitchell Join 'Surrogates.'

Olivia Williams Joins Whedon's 'Dollhouse.'

Cate Blanchett and Joseph Fiennes to Star in Multimedia Theatrical Performance for IWC Schaffhausen.

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg Back Together for 'World's End.'

Gretchen Mol to Star in 'Tenure.'

Mussolini Gets a Mistress.

'Friday the 13th' Remake Gets a Female Lead.

Javier Bardem is Replaced by a Woman!

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Shoots Movie Cameo.

Tom Cruise Purple Is Not The Weed You Want In Your Bong.

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