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Times is still hard

Okay, so. We're going to be able to beg, borrow and steal the money we need by April 15--more like "borrow, charge and scrape together"--but then of course we'll have to pay it back and/or off. But we're not immediately screwed. Also, I went and found my cache of hardback 15M books, and there's only six--even fewer than I thought. Woe.

I need to put them on eBay--let the market decide the price, basically--but I'm kind of terrified of eBay. I'm scared of Doing It Wrong somehow. I've bought things there before, but never sold anything. I keep trying to remind myself than I can just pull the auction (can't I?) if I screw something up. This is, in fact, why I've had a handful of things for about five years now that I've never sold--I'm too chickenshit, basically. I'm also trying to remind myself that complete morons manage to sell things on eBay everyday, so surely I can't get myself into too much trouble. (Can I?)


2008 Pulitzers Announced; Bob Dylan receives honorary Pulitzer Prize; Washington Post wins 6 Pulitzers.

Tibet protesters hoist banner on Golden Gate.

Yahoo Says Microsoft Bid Too Low.

Facebook to Settle Lawsuit Over Its Origins.

In Today’s Shocking News, Bloggers Are Revealed to Be Unhealthy Obsessive Nerds.

Nora Roberts Inspires Indy Bookstore.

Margaret Atwood on Anne of Green Gables.

what, ceiling cat? kill dem all?; Round up the hounds, Edmunds!; And den she comes outta da tv like dis…; Basement Cat VS. Ceiling Cat.

Is Sweding a Corporate Plot?

New Quantum of Solace Photos; The Sun Says 'Quantum' Singer Is Amy Winehouse.

More Cloverfield DVD Exclusives.

First Look: Rachel Dawes Supports Harvey Dent.

Rupert Grint Attends Opening of Jack the Ripper Experience in London. If you're like me, and I know I am, your primary reaction to this was, "THERE'S A JACK THE RIPPER EXPERIENCE? OMG!"

WALL-E Previewed.

Orlando Bloom is 'The Prince of Persia'!?; Orlando Bloom Not the Prince of Persia.

More Bad News for Tom Cruise and 'Valkyrie'; Bryan Singer's Valkyrie Gets Moved to 2009.

Toni Collette Joins Mendes Comedy.

Exclusive Clip: Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood In ‘The Life Before Her Eyes’

Emile Hirsch Promises Audiences Will Drink ‘Milk’ Up.

Official 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Site Launched.

Uwe Boll Claims He'll Quit Movie-Making After 1 Million Complaints ...and they've already got 50,000 signatures.

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