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Quickly, before dinner

Sweeney Todd: Can't stop listening to soundtrack, plz send help. The extras on the second disc are fairly decent, by the way. No commentary, but--have you ever heard a Tim Burton commentary? Forget a Depp and Burton commentary--the one on Sleepy Hollow was Mumbletown all the way. But there's a few good bits on the costumes (which, if you've spent any time on this journal, you will know is the really important thing), plus some recording studio footage on the first disc, and a number of tangentially related featurettes (Did you know? Victorian London kind of sucked if you were poor! Sweeney Todd may or may not have been a real person! There's a theater in San Francisco that still does Grand Guignol plays today, and OH GOD WAS THAT AN EYEBALL AUGH WTF).

Speaking of eyeballs (~augh~) there was a "Forty Freakiest Concert Moments" thing on VH1 today that Sister Girl was watching, and they really, really need to stop showing that shot of David Bowie with a lollipop stick IN HIS EYE without warning people. Don't bring us back from commercials with that shit!

Anyway. Well, here's a dumb question: who would be interested in an annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes? Just, in pencil, in the margins of one of the hardcovers--a one-of-a-kind handwritten thing. (It has to be in pencil, because I can't write in the margins of a book with pen. I just can't. It's sacrilege.) I could also print out all the existing online 15Ms, as a separate auction, and annotate them by hand? It's kind of weird to propose this, though, because it sounds like I'm completely full of myself to even suggest it, but it's one of those things--if you need money, and you think there's the slightest chance anyone would want something, you'll toss any idea out there no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Thoughts?

ETA: Yes, I know, bookplates. I have a large pile of self-addressed stamped envelopes to send those out in, to people who requested them an embarrassingly long time ago; I was just never able to get one that looked the way I wanted, and again, it's been such an embarrassingly long time that I may just need to swallow my aesthetic pride and do something much simpler. Point being, I don't want to charge people for signed bookplates. I just... I can't explain it, I just feel like I shouldn't take money for that. A signed book, you know, at least you're paying for the book itself as well. I don't know. So yes, I still need to do the bookplate thing, but that's an issue separate from needing to raise money to pay taxes.


Olympic torch relay descends into chaos.

Dubai crown prince buys camel for record 2.7 mln dlrs. "The crown prince of the United Arab Emirates of Dubai has bought a female camel for a record 2.72 million dollars, an organiser at a camel beauty pageant said on Monday." Wait, at a what?

Flocke makes public debut.

Are These the 110 Classics? [Books].

Atomic age wallpaper.

Pitt Stuns 'Idol Gives Back' Crowd - By Showing Up.

Aronofsky Develops AMC's Riverview.

trailer_spot: Blindness, Ice Age 3, Anamorph, Watchmen, Incredible Hulk.

Michael Flaherty Talks Narnia, Dawn Treader.

Cloverfield Monster Demolishes Japan; Cloverfield DVD Easter Eggs - Supplemental Files.

The Golden Compass On DVD April 29. Ooo, the cover is gorgeous.

Ian Fleming Even Cooler Than Originally Thought; Daniel Craig In 'Quantum' Action Sequence In Siena.

Keanu Gives Crudup A ‘Watchmen’ Blessing For Dr. Manhattan.

First-Look Footage Reveals Jacob Black From ‘Twilight.’

De Niro, Barrymore, Beckinsale & Rockwell in 'Everybody's Fine.'

Warner, Maguire Buy Gottlieb's 'Marry Him.'

More 'Good Things' From Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Scar-Jo Posing Rigidly Yet Sexily for 'The Spirit.'

First Look at 'Dragonball' Piccolo Costume.

A 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' Viral Site?

Jane Austen goes hip hop; 'Emma' to Step Up 2 a New Adaptation.

Were Shia LaBeouf And Harrison Ford Stoned To the Bone While Shooting 'Indy 4'? [Temple Of Dank]

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