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I smell like copper now

Hmm. I wasn't sure if we were going to get our weekly fix of Qdoba's 3-Cheese Crack Queso for dinner tonight. On one hand, $12 more or less isn't going to pay our taxes. On the other, it adds up. Do we raise the troops' morale with queso, or do we further tighten our belts? That kind of thing. We ended up going anyway, but saving half the food for lunch tomorrow. (I always get a quesadilla of some sort.)

Nothing much else going on. I have a bad habit of 1) paying in cash and 2) never with change, so I have a gigantic stash of coins. And only about half of them are pennies, which means that I have a small fortune in quarters squirreled away. Thirty-eight dollars, to be precise; they're all sorted now, and my fingers are nasty with dirt or tarnish or cocaine residue or whatever it is on our currency nowadays. Ick. And let me tell you, internets, it's an extremely weird feeling to be counting jars of change to pay off debts while Ryan Seacrest and half the world's celebrities are on TV exhorting you to give the starving children money. Because, on one hand, the starving children need it more; on the other, the dying children aren't going to charge 29% interest on your home equity loans if you don't pay them off by June. I try to tell myself that if we don't keep ourselves afloat we can't help anyone else. But... you know.

What else... the Lexicon trial starts on Monday, so I'm sure I'll be busy keeping an eye on that. And then there's the annotating plan--I'm trying to work out how to have footnotes running along the side of the page rather than the bottom, so they're easier to follow. I'm also steeling myself to look back over some of the lesser pieces that kind of make me cringe now. If nothing else, I'll snark on them (would the universe implode from recursive meta-snark?), I guess.


Yahoo, Trying to Fend Off Microsoft, Plans Google Test.

Florida lawmakers pass "take your guns to work" law.

AP Swallows Obvious Alien Cover Story.

How to identify the look of love -- or lust. "Published in the journal 'Evolution and Human Behaviour,' the research also showed that women who were open to short-term sexual relationships were usually seen as more attractive. They tended to have wide eyes and large lips, such as the actress Angelina Jolie." Uh. Did they really just go there?

Easter Island vandal pays $17K fine.

"Wait a second. Are you asking me to show her a mediocre time?"

'Idol': Best performances ever. All I know is, none of 'em were last night.

Empire strikes back -- 'Star Wars' creator sues.

Judy Blume Doesn't Back Down From Censors.

Pirate's Dilemma author's speech: "To get rich off pirates, copy them."

More Publishers Think Readers Are Dumb Asses.

Top 10 Tips For Writing A Top 10 List [Bloggers].

Scifi Clothing You Can Wear on the Street Without Fear of Reprisals.

Blu-ray 'Firefly' Set In Works.

Lost: The Essential Question [Clips].

Previews for "Equus" Starring Dan Radcliffe To Begin September 5.

Johnny Depp: Real Life Hero; Tidbits: Johnny Depp to marry his longtime love.

The Dark Knight Scene So Shocking, You May Never See It [Morning Spoilers].

Bloom to Get $40 Million Paycheck? Not on Your Life, Says Disney; Next 'Prince of Persia' Rumor: Jake Gyllenhaal.

Slate Posts Spoiler-Happy 'W' Script Review; 'W' Script: "Don't Get Cute Turdblossom, This Is Serious." Also: Side-by-side comparison of the actors and their characters.

Jared Leto Says No To ‘Fight Club’ Musical.

Verne Troyer Sheds Tears Over Working With Heath Ledger In ‘Doctor Parnassus.’

'The Sea Wolf' Nabs Neve Campbell and Tim Roth.

Uwe Boll Trashes Michael Bay, Eli Roth and Anti-Boll Petition. "Well, now, Boll has put out a video asking fans to start up a pro-Boll petition. Oh yes, and he wants one million folks to sign that as well." Good luck with that one, buddy.

The AV Club: I Watched This On Purpose: Eragon.

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