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Hmm. I think I'm slipping into my old coping tactic, which is, essentially, avoidance, couple with epic napping. Basically, once my annual winter depression started up senior year, I crawled into bed and started failing classes. This was probably the low point of my entire life--not so much in what happened but because I caused most of it by refusing to deal with what started it. So, you know, here I am all over again, and it's clearer than ever that my default reaction to adversity is to hide and hibernate (hidernate?). And it doesn't have to be. A habit is a learned thing, after all--growing accustomed to a repeated action. So I'm just going to have to "cowboy up," as my aunt puts it, and put in some quality work on these annotations as quickly as I can. I have had so many chances in my life to really step forward and choose the better, stronger, happier path (and if you want to know the truth, the weaker path is a cul-de-sac, metaphorically speaking), and I almost never do. I can do this, and I can do it now.


Torch rerouted away from S.F. protests; Anger after few in San Francisco see torch; Bush presence at games gala uncertain; China says foils "terrorist" plot to kidnap Olympians.

Raid on Sect’s Temple Detailed; A dark history repeats for religious sect.

News Corp in talks to join Microsoft on Yahoo bid.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake stabbed at lecture.

New clues at Stonehenge dig.

Frog without lungs found in Indonesia.

Ice-cream stick ship sails for England.

Awful Facebook Invitations [Things We Actually Like].

invisible boom box serenade; "Sumday u will save lotsa ppl, meet sum robotz, an den become a doosh."

Does Steampunk Smell Better Than Other Subcultures? Strangely, I don't think there's any mention of BPAL here. Because that's totally what I thought they were getting at.

A 40-Year Acid Trip, From Literary Axe-Man And Heroes Creator.

The 'Worst Fake Rap In A Novel' Award Goes To Tom Wolfe.

Dick Cheney's shades reflect a strange being.

Why Superman Will Always Suck [Comics]. "Heck, Superman's arc in Kingdom Come isn't even anything deeper than 'America has forgotten me and I them, and we need to restore faith in one another.' Wow - real interesting. While you're doing that, Batman will be over in the corner, contemplating suicide."

Neil Patrick Harris: Say no to Britney!

No 'Secret': CBS cans show after one episode.

Ferguson tops O'Brien in viewership for first time.

So... pretty much all of American Idol Gives Back last night was pre-taped.

Almost half of the charges dropped in Hollywood wiretap case.

New stills: Bolt, The Edge of Love, Funny Games, Get Smart, The Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel, Up, Yes Man, Quantum of Solace, The Prisoner: Or How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair, From Within; Tropic Thunder (posters); Eagle Eye.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Tops Sweeney Todd. For shame, y'all. Although I can see how a kids' movie might have, by definition, a larger audience than a musical about serial murder and cannibalism.

Confirmed: Extract of Deathly Hallows, New Illustrations in Book for Prince Charles.

"Twilight" Author Stephenie Meyer Talks J. K. Rowling; Behind the Scenes on 'Twilight', the Vampire Romance for the Ages.

New Zealand Post Office Unveils Prince Caspian Stamps; Moviefone Launches 'Prince Caspian' Character Guide.

Bale Spotted on 'Public Enemies' Set.

Julie Christie, Orlando Bloom and Shia LeBeouf Join 'New York, I Love You.' "New York is a collection of short stories, part of a 'Cities of Love' anthology that was begun by Paris, je ta'ime. New York will reportedly be followed by Shanghai, and then cities in South America and Africa."

The One Enemy Indiana Jones Never Expected To Face [Morning Spoilers].

Sneak peek: 'Hancock' Another superhero with issues?

Agnes Bruckner Joins the 'Vacancy' Prequel.

A Few Scraps of 'Wolverine' News -- New Cast Member Added.

Rob Corddry is Ari Fleischer in Stone's 'W.'

More Bad Buzz for 'Incredible Hulk.'

First Teaser Trailer for 'Quarantine.'

'Space Chimps' Trailer is Barely Survivable.

Hilarious 'Sarah Marshall' Music Video.

Exclusive Clip: ‘Son Of Rambow.'

Oddest Trailer of the Week: 'Who's Your Monkey?'

'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2' Poster: a BFF Hydra.

Rumor: Blue Sky Studios Adapting 'The Anubis Tapestry'?

'Baghead' Title Gets Left in the Dark?

Art Imitates Life Recalling Death at Ground Zero. "Closer inspection showed a few other signs taped to the fence. They said, 'Film set.' This remarkable evocation turned out to be a matter of stagecraft: an art-directed simulation for a location shot in the movie Julie and Julia, based on a book by Julie Powell in which she sets out to make every recipe in Julia Child’s 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking.' The brief scene on Church Street involves Amy Adams, as Ms. Powell, emerging from the subway and walking by the memorial-draped fence."

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