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Friday, quickly

Mmm, hail coming in. This should be fun. So, just quickly, the linkspam I have on hand, before my internet goes out:

Chinese anger and terror warnings cloud Olympics. I am really, really concerned that China is not prepared to handle what's coming.

Dangerous animal virus on US mainland?

The Bush administration is likely to move its research on one of the most contagious animal diseases from an isolated island laboratory to the U.S. mainland near herds of livestock, raising concerns about a catastrophic outbreak.


A simulated outbreak of the disease — part of an earlier U.S. government exercise called "Crimson Sky" — ended with fictional riots in the streets after the simulation's National Guardsmen were ordered to kill tens of millions of farm animals, so many that troops ran out of bullets. In the exercise, the government said it would have been forced to dig a ditch in Kansas 25 miles long to bury carcasses. In the simulation, protests broke out in some cities amid food shortages.


Asked about the administration's finalist sites located near livestock, Breeze said: "It seems a little odd. It goes against the ... safety program of the last 50 years."
Um. This seems stupid to the point of willful conspiracy. I mean... what the hell? I wonder if they'll really move off the island--you would think that McDonald's lobbyists would step in, if nothing else, to protect their beef resources.

Here's the sad part, in terms of my initial reaction: I got through the first sentence of the article and went, "They're talking about Plum Island, aren't they?" Ah, the things you learn from movies.

Microsoft’s $40 billion dilemma; Google may be winner in Microsoft-Yahoo fight, "undermining Microsoft's main reason for pursing the deal in the first place." MOO HA HAAAAAA.

Shocking elimination leaves 'Idol' crowd booing. My mother was traumatized, y'all. I didn't even realize she liked the guy that much.

Mills explains divorce court outburst. You know, the one where she poured the pitcher of water on McCartney's lawyer's head.

K-pop fans are out of their minds.

"Who got felt up last night at the Galaxy Book Awards?"

Gerard Butler: I’m Not Dating Cameron Diaz! ”So if I take my dog for a walk apparently I’m f—ing my dog? No, it’s not true!” Man, it's been a while since I've laughed out loud.

New images: Prince Caspian poster; Charlie Bartlett; Hellboy 2; The Wolf Man; War Inc.; First Character Photos from 'The Spirit'; New 'X-Files' Photos Might Reveal Major Spoiler; New 'X-Files' Shots: Maybe the Snowflakes are Small Aliens?; Promo Images for 'Cars 2,' 'Newt,' 'Toy Story 3' and More; Spoiler Pics of Shia LaBeouf in 'New York'; More of Bale on 'Public Enemies' set.

Natalie Portman Set for 'Wuthering Heights.' Well, it's a good thing she's here to save the day, since Britain has no actresses.

Ledger's 'Dark Knight' Scene Intact?

Farrell, Vega, and Lee Join 'Triage.' That would be Christopher Lee, by the way.

Closer Than Ever to a "V" Movie and New Series.

The Best "Tip" Email We've Ever Received [Io9 Mailbag]: "If you're really interested in the X-Files, I'm the guy who got Chris Carter (and a stunning brunette not his wife) to come to a Navajo peyote ceremony outside Window Rock, Arizona. It's quite an interesting story, and I'd be willing to tell it for... one million dollars!"

Jungle Disco Around The Roast Dino Head.

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