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Sunday afternoon, Potterdämmerung approaching

Re: The Orphan Works Act that a few people have commented or emailed me about: Actually, ursulav is saying that it's a dead issue: "Everything referenced is from the 2005-2006 legislative session. There is no current bill. Anything resembling such a bill died in committee years ago. This is not something you need to freak out about right now.... Relax. It's not happening. You can check the public record and find that there are no such bills currently before Congress." Apparently there was another hearing in March, but it's currently not in play. More here from kynn and here from maradydd. If and when it's written into a bill again, I will deal with it then. I'm too tired to deal with it now.

My goal is to get through POA and then GOF tonight, although I don't know if that's possible. I had briefly forgotten (!) that the Lexicon trial starts tomorrow, plus I've got regular linkspam to do, so I'm going to get kind of hammered, I think. The problem here is that my "deadlines" are all flexible and self-imposed, so rather than get crushed by work, the work just isn't going to get done in the window of time that I'd like. Sadface. But POA's coming along pretty well--about 85 out of 115 notes done so far, give or take. GOF will probably have fewer notes, if only because several general HP items will be taken care of in POA.

(In case you're wondering, the kind of notes I've got so far are: the origin of the phrases "no dice," "Let's blow this popsicle stand," and "woot"; actors who were considered for Dumbledore after Richard Harris's death; and the story behind "dead from [noun].")

The other problem is that both POA and "King Arthur" are striking me now as really, really repetitive--I think I had gotten into this idea that everything had to be dialogue format, whereas I moved more into paragraph territory while writing the book. So it's tempting to do quick hard revisions--not new jokes necessarily, but weed out some of the redundancy. Also, "Cloverfield" now strikes me as a few good jokes afloat in a sea of not-that-interesting, which is kind of depressing. But any revisions will be presented on the CD/download along with originals (the annotations will probably be on the originals).

(Did I mention that I was thinking of offering the CD on Cafe Press, as previously mentioned, for people who do want to buy it as a gift, but offering a direct download for people who'd rather have it now [and not have to pay shipping, either]? It would still be $15 either way, because that's the fairest price I can think of--$15 for 15 annotated pieces--but with a direct download, I'd get all of it. Again: thoughts?)

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