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Sweet fancy Moses, I am tired

Who returned to 600 comment alerts in her inbox? I DID, I DID!

So mostly, I dealt with trial news today. For those of you who wanted more context for JKR's testimony, the Leaky Cauldron has about as thorough a writeup as you can get without recording devices, although Melissa has had to recuse herself as of today because one of her emails got used in court. I haven't seen a writeup of equivalent thoroughness for SVA's testimony yet, but who knows? The night is young.

Also, the judge has urged both sides to settle, although his comment about the case being "lawyer-driven" suggests to me that he's trying to get RDR to bail out before Stanford's fair use agenda loses the case for him (which, as I understand it, would be fine with Stanford, because they want to go into appeals).

Two more things, before I try to get some annotation work done:

1. Thank y'all so much for the New York suggestions. It looks like Sister Girl and company will be staying at the Weston in Times Square, by the way.

2. My Yahoo email wouldn't fully load this morning, and this appeared in the margin:


... what?

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