Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Wednesday night, kind of ragged around the edges

Again, thank y'all so much for all the New York suggestions, because my mother and I put together a packet for her based off them, and then Sister Girl went and left it in the car at the airport. So I was able to go back to the comments and reconstruct much of it--the names and links, anyway--and email it to her.

Also, I really want cupcakes now.


Much to my surprise, the Lexicon trial actually finished up today.

A year later, Va. Tech is still healing.

Delta and Northwest agree to combine.

Research: Vitamins may increase mortality.

Man loses 17th-century violin on train.

Angry wife tries divorce-by-YouTube tactic.

i had a sad but i drowneded it.

Debbie Gibson seeks restraining order against Spanish man.

Screen Actors Guild and Studios Start Negotiations.

New Prince Caspian stills. FEAR THE REEP.

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Reports #3 And #4.

Cloverfield RiffTrax.

Who Plays With The Watchmen? Two new action figures, with more to be revealed at Comic-Con (at which only one of the Jones sisters will be, woe).

'X-Files 2' Movie Title Announced, Not as Stupid as 'Fast and Furious'; A Set Visit to the X-Files Sequel.

Hayden Christensen on the 'New York' Set.

First Photo of G.I. Joe 's Scarlett.

Edward Norton Finally Speaks on The Incredible Hulk 'Feud.'

'Duplicity' Pics: Clive and Julia Together Again.

Twilight Watch: Stephenie Meyer Says Fans May Swoon While Watching the Film. I am rapidly getting so over this whole Twilight thing that I was never even under it. Robert Pattinson had best bring some pretty, is all I'm saying.

Weinsteins Line Up Shanghai and Seven Samurai Remake.

Gere Joins Amelia Earhart Biopic and Cop Drama.

Milla Jovovich Joins 'The 4th Kind.'

Farrelly Brothers Eyeing Beaujolais.

Babysitter Prostitute Movie Sure To Inspire Misguided Fantasies.

Uwe Boll Slams Michael Bay…And Gus Van Sant And Tom Twyker. He's just trolling in real life now, isn't he?

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